Nurses Save Newborns

Nurses are known for their dedication and courage for saving lives.

And the Nurses of Sick and New Born Care Unit (SNCU) of Capital Hospital have been able to save several lives of sick new born babies.

At about 12.30 noon on 3 May, when the onslaught of FANI was at its peak, the SNCU of Capital Hospital was ravaged badly due to the very strong winds.

The ceiling and the electric fittings and gadgets started cracking and falling down. At that time, a total of 22 babies were admitted in the SNCU.

Seven Staff Nurses, Two attendants along with Two Medical Officers were present on duty at that time.

When the ceiling started falling thereby endangering the lives of the babies inside the SNCU, the Staff Nurses and Attendants on duty covered the babies without caring for their own lives and started rescuing all the 22 babies safely to the NICU located on the ground floor of the same building.

Thereafter, they immediately disconnected the connections of the Radiant Warmers.

Due to the courageous action of the staff on duty at SNCU, the lives of 22 sick new born babies could be saved.

Now the families of these babies are lauding the efforts of the Nurses and Staff during the hours of crisis.

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