CESU Ready For Cyclone

Power Distribution Major, CESU is prepared to face the impending  cyclone FANI likely to hit Coastal Odisha on 3May.

CESU CEO Md. Sadique Alam has directed all Superintending Engineers and Distribution Division Engineers of the  field units to be alert round the clock in their area, said an official sources.

All the Circle and Divisional Heads along with their SDO and JEs will stay at their respective places during period of cyclone  to watch the electrical installations and they will start the restoration  work just after the cyclone is over.

Mr.Alam said CESU has formed 500 gangs to work for immediate restoration of power supply after the cyclone is over.

All the required materials have already been sent to field units for urgent use for restoration work, he added.

The Distribution Major has opened its headquarters control room with telephone number 0674- 2544121 AND 2544125 and it will function  24X7 under the supervision of a General Manager.

Further, CESU said, the electricity related information during cyclone shall be received at 1912  and 0674-  2391110 at CESU CUSTOMER CARE.

Power supply will be disconnected if the wind speed goes beyond 50 to 60 KM per hour for the safety of human lives, Mr.Alam said adding, the power supply will be restored in a phased manner just after the cyclone is over.

CESU requests public not to touch, not to go near the snapped conductor and make the main switch off during the cyclone and immediately inform to their local electricity office or the Control Room.  

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