BJP Sees Modi Wave

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has claimed that 'MODI WAVE' has set in across the State.

Mr.Pradhan said that the double-engine slogan which, he said would be accepted by the people for putting in place a “Decisive Government” in Odisha.

Mr.Pradhan said results of the first-phase elections will be unprecedented in favour of BJP.

He said after his party forms Government in Odisha, it will bust all corruptions by the Chief Minister and intern all chit fund accused and mining mafias.

He promised that the BJP, after coming to power in the State will also pay back chit fund depositors who have been fraudulently cheated of crores of rupees.

Alleging that the BJD Government set all accused in the rape and murder cases at large, Mr.Pradhan said “BJP Government” will send all the accused to the gallows.

Mr.Pradhan alleged that Naveen Patnaik Government failed to provide irrigation facility to farm lands and clean drinking water to the people.
He also reiterated that the “BJP Government” will irrigate all farm lands with a dedicated fund of one lakh crore rupees and solve drinking water crisis.

He said State Administration of four-and-half-crore Odia people should be in the hands of elected representatives, not in the hands of a select group of non-Odia bureaucrats who have plotted to loot Rs 10,000 crore annually.

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