No Threat From BJP

Calling BJP as “communal,” BJD President and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Monday said there is no threat to his regional party from the saffron party.

Naveen said this during an interview to NDTV.

The four-time Chief Minister sees the BJP-led NDA a "bigger enemy" than the Congress but no great threat in Odisha.
The BJD Supremo also agreed with the allegation of the Congress and other opposition parties that there is a "threat to democracy" under the BJP-led government, in the way institutions were being attacked.

Naveen also supported the Congress’s allegation that the tax raids on opposition leaders were "most unfortunate" and appeared to be "politically motivated."
Naveen also reiterated his opinion that no national party will get majority and regional parties to have a bigger role to play after the results on May 23.

On his ex-colleague and former MP Baijayant Panda, Naveen said the former Kendrapara MP had "overriding ambition and was a man in a hurry".

Asked about Mr.Panda’s ambition, Naveen said: "To take my post, what else."

He also accused Mr.Panda of spreading rumour about his ill health.  
Naveen also rejected BJP President Amit Shah’s allegation that Odisha Chief Minister does not know Odia language. “They (critics) are not right,” he said.

Naveen also said: "Whoever has the largest majority will find allies, I think.”

“We would support the one who was for the best advantage of Odisha," he said.

 also said that he did not believe that the Balakot airstrikes had given the BJP any big advantage. "I understand that's quite fizzled out now. Now, it's back to normal politics."

Stating that the Biju Janata Dal (BJD)'s policy of equidistance from the Congress and the BJP, Naveen said: "So, we will see, indeed it's doubtful, whether we will join up with either of them."

He called BJP as communal and he dropped the saffron party from the alliance after the Kandhamal riot in 2008.
Mr.Patnaik refused to name anyone as a bigger challenge - the BJP or Congress. "I don't treat either of them as enemies, but neither do I treat them as friends."
However, he admitted the BJP ledf NDA as the bigger threat.

Naveen also rejected the speculation that the BJP making significant impact. "Not in Odisha, I don't see that in Odisha," he said.

About the Congress, he assessed that its Chief Rahul Gandhi "still has to struggle a little more".

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