Hypocrite VS Tired

The election campaign for the first phase of polling in four Lok Sabha and 28 assembly seats, has reached its zenith with top leaders of rival parties hitting each other below the belt.

BJP President Amit Shah at an election meeting in Polasara said his BJD counterpart and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is “tired” and needs rest.
Naveen at his Rayagada rally hit back at the BJP and called its leader as “hypocrite.”

“These leaders (BJP) are ‘Biradi Baishnab’. They do not cooperate the state even during calamities,” Naveen said.

Mr.Shah’s statement came barely two days after ruling BJD releasing a video showing Naveen doing exercise and in good health.

Though the BJP leader did not made any direct comment on Naveen’s health, Shah alleged that the chief minister needs rest after remaining in power for 19 years.

Mr.Shah also said: "There has been no developmental work during Naveen Babu's tenure in 19 years. He is tired. Therefore, give BJP a chance to meet the aspirations of the people."

Amit Shah said also promised that the BJP will take Odisha on the path of development.

He also alleged that the Odisha is being run by the officers. "The next BJP Government will end ''Babu-Dom'' in Odisha", he said.

While targeting Naveen, the BJP President alleged that Naveen has created an unique political culture in Odisha where the officers are powerful than the democratically elected peoples representatives.

“The rights of peoples representative is bestowed on the officers which is contrary to the democratic spirit,” Shah alleged.

While hitting below the belt, Shah said: “Naveen does not respect party colleagues and fire them from the party at the will.”

The BJP National President also came down heavily on the BJD Government alleging that it failed to reach the benefits of welfare schemes, launched by the Narendra Modi government at the Centre, to the people of the state.

"The Modi Government in the last five years has allocated Rs. 5.56 lakh crore for Odisha's development. Did the money reach the people in their villages?" Mr Shah asked.

Assuring the people that only the BJP can ensure better governance in the state, the BJP leader appealed to the people not to repeat the mistake of voting the BJD again.

If the BJP comes to power in Odisha, it will punish people indulging in unlawful activities, including those involved in mining and chitfund scams, he said.

The BJP also released its manifesto in Odisha promising a corruption free administration and pledged several welfare schemes for women, farmers and tribals in its election manifesto named Sankalp Patra.

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