Naveen Snubs BJP

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has accused the NDA Government of neglecting Odisha on all fronts.

While addressing election meetings in Rayagada and Gajapati districts where the first phase polling is scheduled to be held on 11 April, Mr.Patnaik said that these people, without taking BJP name, have no sympathy for the poor, women and Odisha as a whole.
 These are all 'Biradi Baishnab' (hypocrites)," Mr.Patnaik said while addressing an election rally in Rayagada. Mr.Patnaik also conducted road shows in both the districts.
Mr.Patnaik alleged that the Centre has never been cooperative towards Odisha even during calamities and also in case of welfare schemes.
"The BJP Government has no remorse for the poor people. We have launched Aahar scheme for feeding poor people visiting urban area and hospitals, but the Centre refused to fund it. The state government has been funding the programme from its own resources," Mr.Patnaik said.
He alleged that the BJP led Union Government also rejected the state's demand of providing cheap rice at Re 1 a kilogram to 30 lakh people.
"We have ensured that all poor and needy people get benefit of the National Food Security Act," through State Food Security Scheme, Mr.Patnaik said.
Mr.Patnaik said: "Four and half crore people of Odisha are part of my family. I will continue serving you till my last breath."
Rejecting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's allegation that Odisha Government did not implement Ayushman Bharat scheme out of political consideration, Chief Minister said: "Women are getting Rs 7 lakh worth health benefits under Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana while it is Rs 5 lakh under the Centre's scheme."
Mr.Patnaik said: "While the state government has been spending Rs 12,000 crore for safe drinking water, the Centre gives only Rs 1,000 crore."
"Similarly, for irrigation, the state is spending Rs 20,000 crore while the Centre is giving only Rs 250 crore," he added.
Mr.Patnaik reminded the people of Rayagada and Gajapati about last year's Titli cyclone.
 "There was a lot of destruction during cyclone Titli, but the Centre gave assistance to Andhra first. Central leaders are all hypocrites," he said
Mr.Patnaik also said that none of the national party leaders visited the cyclone hit areas to assuage the hapless people, who were in dire straits due to Titli.

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