State Asks For Centre

With on average 400 plus hapless people are dying every year due to lightning in the State, Odisha will be most suitable for setting up a Lightning and Thunderstorm Centre.

While scientists from all over the world, who assembled here in an International Conference on Thunderstorm and Lightning (ITCLT)-2019 have also recommended for the same, said official sources.
Under this backdrop, State Government has urged the Union Government to set up such a Centre for helping out the hapless people, who are dying due to such a severe natural disaster.
Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi has brought it to the notice of the Union Secretary Ministry of Earth Sciences of Government of India that on an average every year 419 casualties are occurring due to lightning in the State. 

The total number of reported deaths due to different disasters during last three years—from 2015-16 to 2017-18 is 4,689.  

On an average, 419 deaths occur per annum in the State and it is on rise causing concern for the State Administration.  

Out of this, the number of deaths due to lightning accounts for about 27 percent of total number of disaster casualties. 

The latest report on lightning related deaths prepared by the Special Relief Organization (SRO) reveals that as many as 1,256 lightning deaths have occurred in the State during the last three years — from 2015-16 to 2017-18. 

While in 2015-16, at least 399 people fell prey to lightning, in 2016-17, the number was 397 and in 2017-18 at least 460 causalities occurred totalling 1,256 in three years. Looking at the rising number of deaths due to lightning and causalty of the bread earning people of the families, lightning has been declared as a ‘State Specific Disaster’ by the Government of Odisha, said sources. 
And this is almost 25 Percent of the casualties in the country due to thunder storm and lightning.

Notably, the past five decadal statistics revealed that the death toll due to lightning shares 39 percent of all natural disasters occurring in state.

In recent times, the thunderstorms over urban regions have also posed a great threat to the community in terms of urban flooding.

Hence, forecasting of thunderstorms has become a challenging task for the weather scientists due to their rather small spatial and temporal scales and the inherent non-linearity of their dynamics and physics.

So such a Centre will support various activities on thunder storm and lightning in Odisha, said Bishnupada Sethi, Special Relief Commissioner (SRC).

ITCLT-2019, where, over 300 scientists of National and International Repute participated in deliberations and shared their expert views on thunder storm and lightning, which was organized by Odisha Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA), said officials sources.

While many suggestions and recommendations came from ICTLT-2019, it is one of the suggestions for setting up of a Centre for Lightning and Thunderstorm was forwarded to the State Government.

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