NALCO Scripts Success

Aluminium Major NALCO has recorded an all-round success and global benchmarks in 2018-19 creating records in several sector.

The Nacratna PSU of the Union Government has achieved significant achievements on production front and also achieved the distinction of lowest cost producer of alumina in the world.
This is per the Wood Mackenzie Report, said a Press Release of NALCO.
The Aluminium Major has also been ranked as the lowest-cost producer of Bauxite in the world.
With more than 100 per cent capacity utilization, NALCO's Panchpatmali mines has achieved bauxite excavation of 74.14 lakh MT, which is highest ever since inception, it said.
Bauxite transportation has gone up to 72.31 lakh MT, which is also highest ever since inception. Company's Alumina refinery has produced highest-ever 21.53 lakh MT of Alumina Hydrate and set a new record, it said.
Steam & Power Plant (SPP) of Alumina Refinery achieved highest ever net power generation. Further, Aluminium Smelter achieved highest cast metal production of 4.40 lakh MT in last 8 years.
NALCO's Smelter has produced highest-ever wire rod, billet, green anode, rodded anode, T-Ingot since inception. Wind power generation of 363 MU is also highest ever since inception.
Besides, NALCO's Smelter plant has also achieved a specific electrical energy consumption of 13,370 KWH per tonne of aluminium in 2018-19, which played a significant role in reduction of input cost and saving of Rs 54 crore to the company.
The Captive Power Plant of NALCO has reduced the Specific Consumption of coal from 0.818 kg/kWh to 0.792 kg/kWh, resulting in a saving of Rs 52 crore, it said.
It may also be noted that NALCO has ended financial year 2018-19 on a strong performance in domestic sale which is highest-ever since inception.
Total metal sale of 4.41 lakh MT registered a growth of 3.5 per cent over last year and also Domestic sale of metal of 4.02 lakh MT registering a growth of 14.9 over last year are highest ever since inception, the release said.
Further, as per the Public Enterprise Survey of Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), the Company has been rated as the 3rd Highest 'Net Foreign Exchange Earning CPSE' in the Country for the year, it added. 

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