SATARK For Warning

Learning from the recent catastrophic disaster events,OSDMA developed a system called SATARK in collaboration with Regional Integrated Multi hazard Early warning System (RIMES) using cutting edge technologies to provide actionable early warning information for improved disaster management. OSDMA in collaboration with RIMES, launched SATARK for experimental operation.

The computer machine learning process of SATARK utilizes data from various line departments to provide improved advisory through knowledge gained over time.With this advanced capacity, OSDMA can empower the officers of Incident Response System and general public with necessary information.
SATARK is designed as a one-stop risk management system for managing disaster profile, translatinggeneric weather forecast data into location speficic potential impacts, formulating customized advisories, communicating disaster risk information to at-risk communities, and providing emergency contact details for people in distress to call for assistance. SATARK covers lightning, earthquake, heatwave, cyclones, floods, and drought andplannedto cover  all other hazardsincluding road accidents, snake bites etc.

Using SATARK officers at OSDMA would be able to formulate location-specific advisories for each of these hazards and disseminate to the line departments/ at risk communities, directly from the portal, after validating of the information.
As heat wave season has already started over Odisha, SATARK would use the thresholds of India Meteorological Department to provide block-wise heat wave alerts every day for the next ten days. The system will not only provide advisories on anticipated heat wave condition but also on suggested preventive measures to minimize the impact of heat stress. Timely alerts based on forecasts would ensure effective preparedness to be put in place to face extreme heatwave conditions.The systemis capable of automatically triggering alert to focal points identified in the district and block as and when heat wave condition is forecasted. Government officers and public can download the mobile application and stay tuned for receiving location-based heat wave alerts.
OSDMA envisions SATARK to act as risk knowledge management systemby drawing sectoral knowledge and data inputs from various stakeholders like the Agriculture, Water resource and Irrigation and Public Health.The collaborative efforts established by OSDMA with various line departmentsin SATARK would collectively strengthen disaster management capacity in the State. OSDMA had signed a five year agreement with United Nations registered international organization, RIMES, Thailand, in July 2018 for developing the system and providing operational support.
The web-based tool is available at and mobile App is available at Google Play Store which is available both in English and Odia language. Users can download with the keyword “SATARK” from google play store and register to the tool for free. 

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