Parties Playing Caste Card

All the major political parties and aspiring candidates are playing ST and SC card to garner their support. Vote of these communities will be deciding factor for any party to form Government in the State.

It is pertinent to mention here that out of 147 assembly seats in Odisha 33 are reserved for ST and another 24 are meant for SC. Similarly out of 21 Lok Sabha constituency of the State 5 are reserved for ST and 3 are for SC only. Besides ST & SC people residing in other un-reserved constituencies are also playing vital role in election.

While percentage of SC & ST population in India is 22.5% it is much more in Odisha. As per latest census report total population of the State is 3.49 Crore out of which population of ST is around 96 Lakh and SC is 72 Lakh.

Number of voters in Odisha is more than 3.18 Crore out of which voters belonging to ST & SC communities will be around 1.10 Crore. It is pertinent to mention here that most of the population belonging to ST & SC communities are rotting under acute poverty for generations.

All the mainstream political parties like BJD, BJP & Congress are playing ST/SC card to garner the support of these communities. Congress is claiming whatever welfare measures taken so far were initiated during Congress regime.

BJP also claim that separate Ministry of Tribal Affairs was created during its Government and Union Government is generously flowing funds for development of these backward communities.

BJD is not far behind in this race. During BJD Government in State special development council for tribal regions at district level is formed. All the major political parties are giving high promises for welfare of these communities and they have also separates wings to deal with them.

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