Survey Reports Hold Sway

The role of survey agencies in selection of candidates by different major political parties in the State for the upcoming elections is expected to weigh more than the choice of party leaders, sources say.

The State BJD, BJP and Congress had employed professional agencies for the purpose.

The sources say reports submitted by these agencies will be the major determinants in selection of party candidates this time.

It is noteworthy that the BJD had won in 117 Assembly seats and 20 Lok Sabha seats in the last general elections.

The Congress had won 16 Assembly seats while the BJP won 10 Assembly seats and one Lok Sabha seat.

This time around, three Congress and a BJP MLA have resigned their Assembly seats while two Congress legislators have joined the BJD.

Besides, while some Congress and BJP leaders have joined the BJD, a few local leaders of the BJD have left their parent party and joined the BJP.

Similarly the Congress has also not lagged behind BJD and BJP in getting leaders from other parties to its fold.

It is, though, a fact that party tickets are not guaranteed for the coming polls for the turncoats.

Senior leaders of the three major parties have confided that their parties had engaged external survey agencies to impartially assess the popularity of elected leaders in their constituencies who are the leaders practically rejected by the people.

BJD is ahead of the two other parties in this case and the latest survey report is already in its hand.

The Congress and the BJP who had their agencies tagged from Delhi have also in the mean time received the survey reports, insiders admit.

In addition to such efforts to screen candidates, all the three parties have also verified the ground situation through their observers.

Selection of candidates will be mainly based on reports procured from survey agencies as well as reports obtained from party observers, admits a senior political observer.

So now the whole thing appears to herald an end to the old formula of taking help of some crony of the party high command and securing a ticket by hook or by crook.

Yet party high commands ordering issuing  tickets on the basis of somebody’s allegiance may not be ruled out, the sources said.  

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