Singh Makes Veteran Unhappy

Veteran and Senior Congress leaders in Odisha are unhappy over the party’s State In-Charge Jitendra Singh’s announcement.

The reason: Mr.Singh has announced that the party will strictly follow 'One Family, One Ticket' Policy.

Veterans like Niranjan Patanik Hemananda Biswal, Naraisngha Mishra, Jayadev Jena Anata Prasad Sethi and some others, who want their son and daughter prosper under their tutelage seems unhappy.

All of them wish to contest polls along with their children.

But Mr.Singh is categorical either father or son/daughter will get a ticket, just like Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

So Odisha will not be an exception and this “One Family One Ticket” will prevail.

Congress High Command has not forgotten that once veteran Giridhari Gamang took three tickets for his family and one for his aide.

All got defeated and now Mr.Gamang has coolly left to join BJP.

The Pradesh Election Committee (PEC) of Odisha Congress on Wednesday had sent a list of probable candidates having names of many father-son, father-daughter duos to the party’s Central Election Committee (CEC) for the forthcoming Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly elections.

"Some leaders seek tickets for more than one member of their families. This time, the party has decided that only one ticket will be given to one family. However, if a senior family member, to whom the ticket is allotted, decides not to contest, he or she has the option to pass on the ticket to his/her son or daughter," Mr.Singh told reporters.

Mr.Singh’s announcement has brought sorrow for many senior leaders who wanted to establish their sons and relatives in politics. If the Congress implements ‘one family, one ticket’ policy, all their plans will be foiled.

If one family, one ticket formula is implemented, the fathers will have to sacrifice their ticket for the sake of their children.

OPCC Vice-President Anant Sethi,  said: “All party men will go by the decision taken by the party leadership.”

But inside Mr.Sethi must be feeling sad as he was eyeing for Lok Sabha seat, while his son is requesting for an assembly seat.

The AICC leader also said that the party has decided to give priority to youth, women and new faces with chances of winning the polls.

"Youths will this time get priority," Mr.Singh said adding that youths constitute a major portion of the voters in the state.

So Veterans and Seniors will have to sacrifice for their sons and daughters.

Pradesh Election Committee had sent a list of candidates for all the 147 assembly seats and also 21 Lok Sabha seats, which runs to 600 Plus.

After CEC will scrutiny the list it will be announced at the last moment, said sources.

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