NBW Whip Before Polls

With General Election round the corner, State Police has geared up to tackle the execution of pending Non Bailable Warants (NBW) against the criminals.

DGP Rajendra Prasad Sharma has asked the District Police authorities to make specials drives to execute the NBWs throughout the state.
More than 38000 NBWs are pending against the criminals in various Police Districts.
Dr.Sharma’s drive to nab all the criminals before elections is a timely operation so that these elements will be behind bars.
And they will not be able to create hindrance in fair conduct of the elections, pointed out a senior IPS Officer, who is monitoring the Special Drive for execution of NBW.
State Police has come up with innovative idea of publishing the district wise police station wise list of NBWs in the website www.odishapolice.gov.in
The Districts SPs have been directed to display the list of NBWs in notice boards of Police stations and GP offices.
“With the NBW list in public domain, we will get lot of information about the where about of those who are wanted and many criminals will surrender in the court explains”, Sanjeeb Panda the tech savy top cop in charge of Law and Order.
In last 15 days more than three thousand NBWs had been disposed off in specials drives. 
Koraput tops the chart in terms of number of pending NBWs with about 4100, followed by Cuttack with 2500, Puri 2300 and Ganjam 2000.
Koraput also leads in execution and disposal of NBWs in last fifteen days with disposal of more than 200 NBWs.
The displaying of NBWs in the website, notice board of Police station will bring the much needed transparency, said a top cop.
The police will get much information from the public about the person against whom NBW is pending.
Many people are involved in petty cases and the NBWs remain pending due to lack of information.
This will help the law abiding citizens to appear in the court and reduce the burden of Police to execute the NBWs.
With public scrutiny, it will be difficult for the probable candidates to hide their crime record.
Criminals with NBWs will not dare to come to polling booth as their chance of getting caught by police through public support will by pretty high.
Overall this will be helpful to improve the law and order system opined a former DGP.
With cooperation from public, the State Police hopes to bring down the pendency of NBWs to 10,000 before election, said a senior IPS Officer.
State Police has also geared up other prophylactic measures like seizure of illegal arms, seizure of illegal liquor, submission of prevtive prosecution under section 107 CRPC, prosecuting habitual offenders under 110 CRPC.
Nine illegal arms manufacturing units have been raided with seizure of 27 illegal arms.
More than 1500 excise cases have been booked with seizure of more than 5000 litre foreign liquor and 10000 litres of country liquor.

About 500 habitual criminals have been booked under preventing section 110 CRPC.

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