Experts Favor Warning Hype

Experts have favored improvement in warning dissemination and on preventive measures to reduce casualties and damages of properties due to thunderstorm and lightning calamities.


Bishnupada Sethi Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) and Managing Director Odisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA) has participated in the International Conference On Thunderstorm and Lightning In Tropics, which was attended by International Experts.

They have favoured for establishment of Lightning and Severe Thunderstorm Center in Odisha by joint collaboration of Ministry of Earth Science (MoES) and OSDMA as Odisha faced with almost 25 Percent of the casualties in India due to lightning, said There should be encouragement for development of low-cost communication/dissemination systems by technological institutions/research organizations such as siren, flash lightning etc.

Similarly exploring technological means for prevention of causalities due to lightning in a hotspot region was advised.

Practice of the system being implemented in Srilanka may be explored, advised experts, those who attended ICTLT-2019 recently.

Making aware the school going children, the back page of school books may be printed with “what to do” and “not to do” as preparedness and awareness of the children and the public. 

Printing materials should be made available on “what to do” and “not to do” on one side of the carry bags being used by the retailers and major shops (such as Big-Bazaar, Reliance, Grocery merchants etc.) for awareness program for the common people.

Trained teacher/citizen of each block/area can be sensitized to report Thunderstorm/Lightning events as well as causalities and major damages of their locality through communication network.

Further, necessary guidelines for precautions to the public can be communicated through them, advised experts.

Awareness program and campaign in the block level (in all the schools/colleges/Panchayats) organized by State Disaster Management Authority on precaution/prevention measures to reduce loss of life is needed to be scaled up.

Series of training-workshops for young Ph.D./M.Tech scholars on observational and modeling aspects of Thunderstorms & Lightning to enhance the knowledge network and research capability is needed.

Sensitizing Media and NGOs on thunderstorm and lightning through interactive workshops regularly on the beginning of the onset of thunderstorm season was urged.

In the secondary school syllabus, adequate coverage on thunderstorm and lightning as well as other natural disasters including awareness and preparedness strategies may be introduced, advised experts in ICTLT-2019.

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