Absolutely Nonsense

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has remarked “Absolutely Nonsense” over a query as to whether the CBI had issued a notice to him.

BJP leader K V Singh Deo had sought a clarification from Mr.Patnaik on whether the Central Investigating Agency had issued notice to him in connection with the chit fund scam.

The BJP leader had said he had sought the Chief Minister's clarification on the basis of media reports.


Mr.Patnaik dubbing it “absolutely Nonsense” said the CBI should do non-political jobs.
BJD Supremo also clarified that nobody from the Trinamool Congress (TMC) had spoken to him on any issue, including the recent standoff between the central probe agency and the Kolkata Police.

"No one from the TMC has been in touch with us for at least a year," Mr.Patnaik said, replying to reporters' queries during his tour to Koraput on whether TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee had spoken to him on the Kolkata Police-CBI standoff.

Earlier in the day, Ms.Banerjee reportedly said in Kolkata that she would consult Mr.Patnaik over the continuation of her dharna.


 The West Bengal Chief Minister has been staging a protest over the CBI-Kolkata police imbroglio in Kolkata since Sunday night.

"Our party's statement on Monday had to do with events in our own state," Mr.Patnaik told reporters.


Extremely cautious about its “eqi-distance” policy from both the Congress and the BJP, the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) said its statement on CBI should not be construed as club it with any political party or group.

The BJD gave this clarification in its twitter handle after the regional party acking West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in her tussle with the CBI.

"The Biju Janata Dal would like to clarify that the statement given by BJD on CBI is in relation to Odisha and the overall issues confronting CBI at the national level.

"Grouping BJD with some political parties because of this statement is incorrect and misleading," it said in a tweet hours after its statement on the issue was released.

BJD has been claiming that it maintains equidistance from both the Congress and the BJP, besides not becoming part of the Mahagathbandhan of non-NDA parties.

Party sources said its statement on the CBI should not be considered as its support to the TMC or any other parties on the issue relating to CBI.

The party has issued a statement on the functioning of the CBI and not in support or against any political party, a senior leader said.

Earlier on the day, the BJD in a statement said, "Institutional integrity of the CBI has to be restored. We are a mature democracy and professionalism should be maintained."

 also pointed out that even in Odisha, sudden action by the CBI had come just before panchayat elections in the past.

"Now, before the general elections, the move smacks of unprofessional conduct and coloured with political motives," the BJD had said.

BJD's leader in Lok Sabha B Mahatab also gave a statement on the issue.

The BJD's statement apparently referred to the CBI's recent notice to two BJD MLAs and former ministers in connection with a chitfund case. Both the MLAs have said they will respond to the CBI notice. 

Asked to comment on the activities of the CBI, which have been criticized by many opposition parties including the BJD, Mr.Patnaik said, "We, like everyone else, would like to see the CBI do a professional and non-political job." 

On the Supreme Court's directive on the Kolkata Police-CBI standoff, he said, "We will follow the Supreme Court judgment." 

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