KALIA outsmarts PM Kisan

The State Government has introduced Package for Farmers’ Welfare – Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) to further accelerate agricultural prosperity and reduce poverty in the State.

This scheme is progressive and inclusive.  It covers 92 Percent of the cultivators, loanee as well as non-loanee farmers, share croppers (actual cultivators) and landless agriculture labourers.

It also specifically takes care of vulnerable agricultural families identified through Gram Panchayats, and makes crop loans available at 0 Percent interest. It has been programmed to cover about 30.16 lakh small/ marginal farmers/share croppers and 5.00 lakh landless agricultural households under the KALIA scheme this year.

Rs. 5000 to each households shall be paid as support cultivators for cultivation and livelihood support for landless agricultural households during 2018-19. 

The KALIA Scheme of State Government is found to be more beneficial in comparison to Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi of Government of India.





Direct Income Support of Rs.10,000/- per year for small and marginal farmers having land upto 5 acres. Spread over two and half years, individual beneficiary will get Rs.25,000.

Direct Income support of Rs.6,000/- per year for small and marginal farmers having land upto 2 hectares


Stands apart in inclusiveness, covers all farmers including landless farmers. Share croppers and agricultural labourers. To benefit 92 Percent of all farmers of Odisha. It has been programmed to cover 30.16 lakh small and marginal farmers including share croppers, 10 lakh landless household for livelihood support and 10 lakh vulnerable agricultural families.

Around 12 crore of farmers to be included across the country, scheme limited only to land holding farmers . Nothing about landless farmers, share croppers and agricultural labourers


Rs.10,000 income support to be disbursed in two instalments per year during Rabi and Kharif seasons for landholding farmers. Financial assistance of Rs.10,000/- per year for landless, agricultural labourers and vulnerable farmers households. Rs.12,500 for landless agricultural household for allied activities including livestock and fisheries etc.

To be transferred directly to farmers’ accounts in three equal instalments of Rs.2,000/- each. Specifics of the cycle of payments to be defined.


Rs.10,180 crore earmarked for KALIA over three years

Annual expenditure Rs. 75,000 crore: Rs.20,000 crore allocated for disbursal of first instalment


Already under implementation, first instalment transferred to accounts of over 13 lakh farmers.

To be effective from December, 2018, first instalment to be paid before March, 2019.


Robust scientific process for identifying actual and eligible beneficiaries along with smooth transfer already started.

The road map of beneficiary selection and transfer yet to be defined. Massive backend exercise needed, time at hand short


Crop loan upto Rs.50,000 at zero pc interest to reduce agricultural debt burden on farmers.

Interest subvention of 2 pc for farmers pursuing animal husbandry and fisheries through Kisan Credit Card; additional 3 per cent subvention for timely repayment


Comprehensive social security through life Insurance and personal accident cover of Rs.2 lakh each for every farmer.

For all farmers affected by natural calamities, interest subvention of 2 pc and prompt repayment incentive of 3 pc on re-scheduling loans.


State Government has already decided to transfer the funds on Akshya Trutiya for Kharif Assistance and on Nuakhai for Rabi season well before the unset of season.

No specific time period is mentioned for transfer of funds to the farmers.


Detail Calendar of operation as well as dateline has been fixed starting from enrolment of farmers to transfer of funds for smooth implementation of scheme. 12,45,490 small/marginal farmers & 57,614 share croppers have already been selected and an assistance of Rs. 5000/- each has been transferred to their accounts. Total Rs. 651.554 crores has been transferred to their account till 31.01.2019 through DBT mode.

No specific dateline or calendar of operation has been prepared by GoI.


The scheme was launched in 21st December, 2018 with the recommendation of Inter Ministerial Committee formed for the welfare of the farmers of the State.

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