Naveen Moves Alone

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has decided to continue in “Move Alone” Mode.

Making it clear that BJD will not join Mahagathbandhan, Regional Political Stalwart has given a message to BJP that he is not a party to Oppsotion Gran Alliance, which are trying hard to defeat NDA in next general elections.  
In fact there is a move for making a Grand Alliance by the opposition parties before next general elections and efforts are on to rope in various Regional Political Outfits to their fold.
Making it abundantly clear, Mr.Patnaik said "I want to clarify that as far as Mahagathbandhan is concerned, the Biju Janata Dal is not a part of it," he said.
Speaking to Media after the meeting of Finance Commission here, the Biju Janata Dal President said his party would "continue with our policy of equidistance from the BJP and the Congress."
The Chief Minister's statement is significant as several non-BJP parties are trying to forge unity in a bid to form a grand alliance to take on the ruling party in the Lok Sabha elections this year.
Mr.Patnaik's announcement comes a day after his visit to New Delhi on 8 January, that his party needed time to take a decision on Mahagathbandhan. "We will take some time and think about it," he had said.
While the Governing BJD was in alliance with BJP for over a decade and both shared power in the state from 2000-2009, the Regional Outift snapped ties with the saffron party on the eve of 2009 elections. Thereafter, it has been maintaining equidistance from both the BJP and the Congress.
The BJP, meanwhile, accused the BJD of having some "understanding" with the Congress, which, in turn, charged that  BJD has been "with the BJP all along".

However State BJP President Basant Panda said, "There is no doubt that the BJD is having hidden agenda with the Congress. Mr.Patnaik's statement is nothing but a ploy to mislead the people,"
Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) President Niranjan Patnaik accused Mr.Patnaik of being with the BJP all along, but claiming to have an "equal distance policy" only in self-defense.
Referring to Naveen Patnaik's meeting with Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao here last month, he said it was an exercise to weaken Anti-Saffron Forces.
Mr.Patnaik during his meeting with Mr.Rao had said: "We are state teams."
Then, Naveen and KCR have emphasized on unification of regional parties to provide an alternative to the Congress and the BJP ahead of the 2019 general elections.
Congress Veteran cited several examples of BJD support for BJP.
He said BJD MPs had staged walkout during a no-confidence motion against the NDA Government in Lok Sabha last year "which showed its affinity towards the saffron party".
Mr.Patnaik reminded that BJD had also supported the NDA candidate in Presidential elections, besides backing several moves including demonetization and GST.
BJD MPs had also voted in favour of NDA nominee Harivansh Narayan Singh during election for the post of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman.
Today BJD is supporting Reservation Bill mooted by NDA Government in the Parliament, which amplifies its support for BJP, said he.

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