Modi Blasts Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 5 January hit out the Congress accusing it of "playing" with National Security and working at the behest of middlemen in the defence sector instead of running a Government for the people during the UPA rule.

"I cannot understand whether Congress was running a Government or the durbar of its own (Christian) Michel Mama," Mr.Modi said at a huge rally here, referring to the middleman in the Agusta Westland VVIP chopper scam, Christian Michel who has recently brought to India from Dubai.
Mr.Modi was addressing a well attended gathering after unveiling a slew of projects worth over Rs 4500 crore in different sectors including National Highways, Indian Railways, Culture and Passport Services.
Mounting a biting attack on Congress, Mr.Modi alleged that there was a conspiracy to weaken the country's defence forces in 2004-2014 (the period of UPA rule) and the revelation of facts was now "paining" its leaders.
"Therefore, they want to remove the chowkidar (watchman) from their path at any cost. Be it the society or factories, thieves always conspire to remove the chowkidar to make their task easy. As long as the chowkidar remains, they are unable to operate," Mr.Modi said blaming Rahul Gandhi for his "chowkidar" barb at him.
"This also pains them because their secrecy is now coming to the fore," Mr.Modi said.
The Prime Minister said that there were reports that a letter of the middleman Michel had revealed that he had close ties with top Congress Leaders and Ministers.
The middleman was aware of the ever movement of files in the PMO and even the details of deliberations of the Cabinet Committee on Defence. He was also passing on crucial information related to defence, security and weapons procurement abroad, the Mr.Modi pointed out.
"Perhaps middlemen had more information than the then the Prime Minister himself," Mr.Modi said and asserted that a thorough investigation  would be conducted into these serious matters.
"I want to make it clear that the role of people in protecting the interest of middlemen at the cost of the country will be thoroughly probed," he said.
Mr.Modi said that the NDA Government at the Centre has always taken hard decisions for the country's security, he asked the crowd whether the Congress should be allowed to do what it was doing during the UPA rule.
 "Those who had done injustice towards the armed forces should be booked ... I want to assure you that law will not allow anyone to go scot-free."
Hitting out at the Congress for raking up the Rafale deal, Modi praised Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for her skillful response in Lok Sabha on Friday when the issue was raised by opposition parties.
"I congratulate the country's first woman defence minister for showing people the real face of those who deceive the country, those who compromise National Security for politics and those who insult the sacred Parliament with their immaturity", Mr.Modi said.
Mr.Modi said "The leader of the country's oldest political party (Rahul Gandhi) has accused me of dividing the people of India by chanting 'Bharat Mata ki Jai'.
He cited the instance of the newly formed Congress Government in Madhya Pradesh, which after coming to power in the recent election had discontinued the national song 'Vande Mataram' triggering a storm.
"Now they are looking for a way out," the Mr.Modi said.
He also said that the state government had also attempted to scrap pension for those who were jailed during Emergency. "This is an assault on democracy", the Prime Minister pointed out.

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