Naveen Wishes Happy 2019

On New Year’s Day, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik went to Puri to seek blessings of Lord Jagannath, though he was in pain due to knee injury, for which this year he did not received any visitors at Naveen Niwas like 2018. 

Mr.Patnaik also went to Raj Bhawan and greeted Governor Ganeshi Lal at on 1 January, where both the Chief Minister and Governor shared good wishes among each other.
Though Naveen used to receive people on the New Year Day every year, at Naveen Niwas this time he was not able to receive visitors as there was pain in knee, however he went to Puri, Raj Bhawan and later to State Secretariat to attend office.

Ministers, Lawmakers and senior IAS, IPS and OAS officers, and others also joined to greet Chief Minister at State Secretariat.
 And on Monday there was rush at State Secretariat, where the Members of the elite IAS Association of Odisha met the Chief Minister, which he reciprocated them with a “Happy New Year”.

IAS Officers led by Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi and Development Commissioner Asit Tripathy greeted Chief Minister Mr.Patnaik.
IPS Officers led by DGP R P Sharma went to State Secretariat to meet Chief Minister Mr.Patnaik and greeted him.
Members of the OAS Association led by Saroj Kumar Samal greeted chief Minister and wished him a Happy New Year, which he reciprocated with them.

Rush was equally seen to meet Biggies of the State Administration- Chief Secretary and Development Commissioner Asit Tripathy.

There was great rush in the Second Floor of the State Secretariat to greet Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi.

In fact there was a beeline to meet the Top Mandarin and wish him in the New Year on 1 January.
Mr.Padhi was seen warmly receiving the officers, employees, scribes and people of cross section of the society. 

Top Mandarin was reciprocating with sweet words with people and wishing for happier times in 2017.
Simplicity is the hallmark of the Chief Secretary, who fondly talked to the Bureaucrats and Visitors, while wishing for better times.
Asit Tripathy, Development Commissioner received the enthusiastic visitors with a charming smile and wished for a “Happy New Year”.
Mr.Tripathy was greeted by senior mandarins, top cops, young bureaucrats and he was treating all in a humble manner. 
There was good rush for meeting the Additional Chief Secretary to Chief Minister Rajesh Verma in the Third Floor.

Suave, Mr. Verma was equally reciprocating the visitors for a bright New Year.
Agriculture Production Commissioner G K Dhal was also greeted by bureaucrats and others and humble mandarin was seen sweetly reciprocating with them with good wishes.
Great Rush was seen to meet the Special Secretary to Chief Minister V Karthikeya Pandian.
The Powerful Bureaucrat was also seen receiving the officers, employees and others in a friendly manner.

During the day it was almost a festive look and holiday mood in the State Secretariat. Prasad Sevan was conducted at various floors.

There was a full-fledged Puja of Trinity in Department of Works, Commerce & Transport, School & Mass Education, Urban Development , Labour & Employment and others, where Prasad were distributed.

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