LED Urge For Puja

The Central Electricity Supply Undertaking (CESU) has urged organisers of different puja committees to use LED Light and avoid unauthorised connections during the festive season.

CESU CEO Md. Sadiqe Alam said here today that expecting more use of electricity, CESU has taken care for pre-maintenance of lines and sub-stations at different areas.
And various essential materials have already been released to field units for the above purpose to meet the urgency and advised field official to provide temporary supply to the Puja Committee as per their requirement, said he.

Use of un-authorized electricity by hooking invites fire hazards with loss of lives and property of the surrounding area, it cautioned adding, in some cases, transformer breakdown creates total darkness of the affected area and hinders the enjoyment of lot of people.

“It will create problem for the community for the fault of a few,” official said.

CESU CEO said that it has formed a number of de-hooking squads in their respective distribution divisions for moving regularly to remove illegal connection during the festive seasons.

All the Puja committees are urged to contact with their local Electrical Section and Sub-Division Office for temporary connections to puja pandals.
Further, Committee Members are requested to use LED and energy saving lights to reduce their electricity consumption during this period.

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