Hilsa Back In Chilika

After yearlong strenuous efforts, now much sought after Hilsa fish is available in Chilika Lake, thanks to Chilika Development Authority (CDA).

Over One Kilo Gram Hilsa fishes are caught from the lagoon, which was just not seen for last 15 long years.

Susanta Nanda, Chief Executive CDA is a happy mandarin today as team efforts have paid rich dividends.

Hilsa production from Chilika dwindled drastically as the migratory route was blocked for which it became the major cause for their disappearance

Now keeping it open has resulted in good migration, said a beaming CE, CDA.
“We are running a project for restoration of Hilsa since last one year”, said Mr.Nanda.
Removal of gherries has also opened up their nursing ground and the maximum catch was18-20 Metric Ton after opening of the new mouth.

Hilsa catch was deteriorated to less than 10 Percent by 2017.

This year it will be around 5 MT, a dramatic increase, pointed out Mr.Nanda.

As Hilsa availability dwindled drastically over the years, CDA undertook a study to find out as to why it is falling and conserve the much wanted fish.

According to sources mouth watering Hilsa landing in Chilika Lake had been 311 Ton in 1954, which dwindled to 10.51 Tons during 2016-17.
While the average annual landing of Hilsa was 95.17 Ton during 1985-86 and 2000-01, it decreased to 46.15 Ton between 2001-02 and 2016-17.
Over two lakh people depend on fishing in Chilika, which is covering three districts of Puri, Khurda and Ganjam.
The highly productive Chilika Lagoon eco-system with its rich fishery resources sustains the livelihood for many fishermen who live in and near the lagoon.
The water spread area of the lagoon ranges between 1165 and 906 km2 during the monsoon and summer respectively.
 A 32 km long, narrow, outer channel connects the lagoon to the Bay of Bengal near the village Motto.

 More recently a new mouth has been opened by CDA which has brought a new lease of life to the lagoon.

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