No Plastic In Secretariat

Ashok Kumar Meena, Principal Secretary Department of General Administration (DoGA) has said that plastic and polythene materials will not be utilized inside State Secretariat.

Issuing marching orders here on 1 October, Mr.Meena also said that plastic and polythene materials will not also be used inside premises of Head of The Department Building from 2 October.
Mr. Meena has issued orders on the basis of the Policy Decision of the State Government to ban plastic and polythene materials in six cities including Capital City of Odisha.
Accordingly, all the Secretaries have been asked to instruct the employees of their respective departments and offices, not to use plastic and polythene materials from 2 October.
So all the Secretaries will inform the employees in this regard and restrain them using plastic materials in the offices, said a senior official in DoGA.
The State Government on 29 September issued an order banning use of certain plastic products in six cities including the territorial jurisdiction of five municipal corporations.
ACS Forest & Environment Suresh Chandra Mohapatra issued orders and as per the order, use of polythene bags, thermocol and similar plastic products has been restricted in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Berhampur, Rourkela, Sambalpur and Puri from 2 October.
The orders no person can sell, trade, manufacture, import, store, carry, transport, use or distribute polythene and single-use plastic.
“No one can carry polythene bags of any shape, thickness and size (excluding compostable), drinking water packed in polythene terephthalate (PET/PETE) bottles of less than 200 ml capacity and litter any public place with any plastic item,” it said.
Restrictions have also been put on single use disposable cutlery made up of thermocol (polystyrene), polyurethane or plastic such as dish, spoon, cup, plate, glass, fork, bowl and pouch to store liquid and container of any shape and size except for packing and sale of milk as well as other ancillary milk products besides thermocol decorative materials like flowers.
Vendors will not be allowed to use polythene sheets of less than 50 micron thickness for storing, transporting, dispensing or packaging of any article or commodity or food items, consumables, packaging of milk and milk products and edible oil in sealed manner.
The order, however, excluded plastic for carrying and transporting garbage and containers like cup for milk products including curd and ice-cream, polythene packaging materials used in plant nurseries, horticulture, agriculture and healthcare sector like medicines, blood transportation bags, syringe, sample or specimen bags, re-sealable bags, medical instruments and accessories and packaging materials used for wrapping of any item at manufacturing stage.
District Collectors have been asked to involve SP, DFO, Tahsildar and other officials for enforcing the orders.

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