Pacts For Mental Health

Minister Health & Family Welfare, Pratap Jena said Odisha has decided to expand the Mental Health Care Program in all 30 districts  with its own resources adopting Mental Health as one of the integral component of primary health care.

Mr.Jena said for which the Department of Health & family Welfare has started recruiting manpower, providing training and making drugs available through Niramaya scheme.

Speaking on the occasion of MoU signing ceremony concerned to Mental health, Minister Mr.Jena said that even though the National Mental Health Program has been implemented in the state since 2003-04, the expansion of program to all 30 districts remained a challenge due to inadequate budget provision under the program by Government of India.
Two MoUs have been signed today in presence of Mr.Jena, Minister Health & Family Welfare ,the first with the NIMHANs, Bengaluru to provide Tele mentoring and capacity building of Medical Officers of the State for case management of Mental Illness and basic emergency psychiatric care and follow up care at Health care facilities.

Secretary Health & Family Welfare, Dr Pramod Kumar Meherda , Director Health Services (DHS) Dr B.K.Brahma and Prof Dr Santosh Chaturvedi , HOD Psychiatric Dept NIMAHNS and Prof Dr Rakish Chadha HOD Psychiatric AIIMS New Delhi signed the MOU.

Establishment of Center of Excellence for Mental Health at SCB Medical College with 100 Percent financial assistance from State Government is an example of the keenness and sincerity of the State to address the mental health problems in Odisha , Mr.Jena added.

Further Mr. Jena told that CoE is ready to provide high class diagnostic and treatment to Mental Health patients referred from all over the State, in provision of super specialization courses, training to doctors and paramedical of peripheral health institutions, research and mentoring NMHP in the districts.
State Government has also announced financial supports to family member for transportation of patients to referral centers.
The model of HUB and SPOKE will be followed. The NIMHANS will act as HUB and Districts will act as Spokes for one year.

Centre of Excellence, Mental Health Institute, SCBMCH, Cuttack will be developed as Regional HUB simultaneously for supportive supervision and care of field functionaries during their learning process.

By this initiation mental health care can be provided at the grass root level to the community by the specialists at NIMHANS.

Virtual Knowledge Network ( ECHO) Model popularised by NIMHANS Bengaluru ( HUB and SPOKE model) where in the medical staffs will be provided with capacity building, mentoring on case management, basic emergency care in psychiatry etc at district and sub- district level through a 4G Phone/ipad/laptop.

VKN( ECHO) will be the  National Hub and Mental Health Institute, SCB MCH will be the Regional Hub and Districts will be our spokes of knowledge sharing.

The second MOU has been signed with the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC), AIIMS, New- Delhi The Purpose of this agreement is upgrading 9
De-addiction Centres operational at the Three Medical College & hospitals ( SCBMCH, MKCG, VIMSAR), Capital Hospital, BBSR, RGH RKL, DHH Angul, Puri, Bolangir, Mayurbhan within the existing infrastructure .

training and hand holding support on fixed days  in collaboration with National drug Dependence Treatment Center (NDDTC), AIIMS, New Delhi for case management  at DAC through tele-medicine based services.
In the mean time large numbers of doctors and paramedical staffs working in peripheral health institutions have been trained in mental health. Clinics at DHH and CHC levels are being managed by trained staffs. Most of common drugs required for treatment of mental illness have been included in EDL and being supplied free of cost through State sponsored Niramaya Scheme.
State has opened De- addiction Centres since 2016-17 at 9 places, those are at the Three Medical College & hospitals ( SCBMCH, MKCG, VIMSAR), CH BBSR, RGH RKL, DHH Angul, Puri, Bolangir, Mayurbhanj.

“We look forward to improve Mental Health Services further by signing above two MOUs.
The initiative will be way forward for our state in Mental Health and De-addiction care for the community, Minister Mr. Jena said.

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