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The Neuro Surgery Department of Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar added a new feather to its hat by successfully conducting a complicated spine surgery in a new spinal implant system longitude. 

Dr. Debabrat Biswal, Senior Consultant, Neuro Surgery informed the importance of this type of minimally invasive percutaneous screw system.
He said, Pedicle screw system is system in which spinal stabilization is done with use of pedicle screws.

Till last decade, pedicle screw system placement was done only through conventional surgery.

However, Percutaneous Screw Placement System is one of the crucial alternatives through minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS).

Percutaneous Screw Placement Systems, with less morbidity, achieves the same results as the conventional surgery.
The system consists of an extension sleeve, which allows remote manipulation of screw heads and remote arrangement of the screw locking mechanism.

A rod insertion device, linked to screw extension sleeves, allowing a precut.

Percutaneous screw placement systems have several benefits over conventional surgeries such as reduced blood loss, less operative time, lower post-operative pain, shorter infection risk and shorter hospital stay as well, he added.

The patient a middle aged man was suffering from two different lesions at two different levels of the spine, informed Dr. Biswal adding that in conventional surgical approach it would have taken a long incision to address the issue simultaneously.
There was a spinal vertebral fracture at a higher level at D10 and a severe lumbar canal stenosis at l4-l5 level.

Due to the advanced minimal access system the lesion could be handled simultaneously with stabilization with percutaneous screws and rod and together with it a single port endospine decompression at l4-l5 level.

Speaking about its success Dr. Biswal claimed that the patient after such a major surgery could be mobilized within 24 hours of surgery.

Dr. Biswal also added that there was minimal loss of blood and minimal tissue damage which helped the patient get relief and mobilized early.
Dr. Biswal, who is trained in minimal access surgery informed that these procedures need a lot of precision and with the advanced operating infrastructure at Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar many such complicated spine surgery are performed with very high success rates.

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