Odisha Hikes Wages

The Odisha Government has issued a Gazette notification proposing hike in minimum wages of daily labourers engaged in various sectors.

 Last time it was hiked in April, 2015 by the State Government, officials say.
The minimum rates of wages are all inclusive rates including the basic rates, the cost of living allowances and the cash value of the concessional supply if any of essential commodities.
According to the notification issued on August 3, 2018, the Labour & Employees State Insurance Department has suggested to hike the daily wages of unskilled workers from Rs 200 to Rs 280 per day.
 “Unskilled” work means work which involves simple operation requiring little or no skill or experience on the job.  
The Semi-skilled workers get a hike from Rs 220 to Rs 320.
 “Semi-skilled” work means work which involves some degree of skill or competence acquired through experience on the job and which is capable of being performed under the supervision or guidance of a skilled employee and includes un-skilled supervisory work
Similarly the Skilled and Highly skilled workers would get Rs Rs 370 and Rs 430 respectively following approval from State Wage Board.
 “Skilled” work means work which involves skill or competence acquired through experience on the job or through training as an apprentice or in a technical or vocational institute and the performance of which calls for initiative and judgment.
Highly Skilled” work means work which calls for a high degree of performance and full competence in the performance of certain tasks, acquired through intensive technical or professional training or practices, work experience for long years and also required for workers to assure full responsibility for the judgment or decisions involved in the execution of the project.

The proposed hike would help as many as two crore workers/employees in improving their economic conditions besides checking inter-state migration.

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