e-Sishu Portal Opens

Odisha Government has launched "E-Sishu Suchana" which is a database and application software. This helps in analysing data and taking speedy decisions.

Standardized data entry and reporting format will help in getting error free data, said Anu Garg, Principal Secretary, Department of Women and Child Development.

'Child Protection' is about protecting children from or against any perceived or real danger or risk to their life, their personhood and childhood. It is about reducing their vulnerability to any kind of harm and protecting them in harmful situations.

It is about ensuring that no child falls out of the social security and safety net and, those who do, receive necessary care, protection and support so as to bring them back into the safety net. While protection is a right of every child, some children are more vulnerable than others and need special attention.

The Government recognizes these children as 'children in difficult circumstances', characterized by their specific social, economic and geo-political situations, said an official in W&CD Department. 

In addition to providing a safe environment for these children, it is imperative to ensure that all other children also remain protected. This is because Child protection is integrally linked to every other right of the child, he said.

E-SISHU SUCHANA MIS PORTAL is the flagship project of Odisha State Child Protection Society (OSCPS), Department of W & CD and Mission Shakti, in collaboration with Centre for Modernising Government Initiative (CMGI), under the General Administration (GA) Department, 
Government of Odisha. 

Special features of this portal include registration of new institutions and children, maintaining database of existing institutions and children, eliminating duplicate and fake enrolments from the children home, generating quarterly and monthly reports as and when required. 

By using this portal each agency can track the detail record on inflow of children, data during their stay in agency, exit details of children and also the data of completion of 18 year children details.

It also helps in tracking progress at district and State level of all the agencies.

While standardized data entry and reporting format will help in getting error free data, evidence will be generated at each level to check and validate the data.

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