New CP Takes Charge

Twin City will receive the benefit of “People Friendly Policing” as Satyajit Mohanty takes charge today as the new Police Commissioner.

1988 Batch IPS Mr.Mohanty has all along batted for “Citizen Policing” and during the 60th Senior Police Officer’s Conference as he led the Principal Agenda of People Friendly Policing, which was appreciated by all the Police Officers.

Now as Twin City Police Commissioner he will implement his program of Citizen Policing, which is very close to his heart, said a senior IPS Officer.

While Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik launched Community Policing way back in 2013 as a Pilot Project, Mr.Mohanty has been pursuing such an initiative for long time.

“Ama Police Scheme”, which was started with an objective for furthering security related mutual cooperation among the Citizenry and Police will receive the boost in the Twin City.

Now Twin City Police will take from a mere “Duty” approach to a “Service Provider” approach and system will be designed, which are People Friendly and has Citizen Focus.

Mr.Mohanty strongly feels that Pro-active and Personalized Police Service is the need of the Hour.

And the Right to Police Service Act is a reality today, the Top Cop feels.

There will be improvement in Police-Community Relationship, which will result in decrease of Police-Citizen Conflict.

And there will be better flow of Information between Police and Community, feel senior Cops in the Twin City.

While the State Government was harping on implementation of Vijayawada Model to improve the conviction rate in the State, now with change of Leadership, it is expected that the Program will be implemented on priority basis.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi and ACS Home Asit Tripathy have all along favored ‘Viajayawada Model” of Court Cases Management.

However on the alibi of absence of forces, it was not implemented and now senior officials in the Department of Home feel that the new Police Commissioner will implement the innovative program of Management of Court Cases on the lines of Vijayawada City Police, which is yielding much better results.

Mess in Traffic System and Fatalities on Highway is one of the major concern of the City as death toll on roads is one of the highest.

Today as the Twin City Police Commissioner joined, there was a marked difference in Traffic Management System and Traffic Constables and Officers were seen hyperactive on the Junctions and Roads.

Earlier they were seen gossiping among themselves and talking on the Mobiles, while some of the students engaged in Traffic Management were busy on the roads.

Now things are expected to improve with a Hard Core Top Cop at the helm.

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