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Odisha Government has been asked to incorporate technology-based evaluation for issue of driving licenses and a robust automated fitness certificate regime in the State.

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) has advised the State Government to go ahead with such reforms measures in the transport sector as most of the complaints are pouring in involving these two areas.

Concerned by rising number of road accidents and casualty on roads and highways, MoRTH has asked the Odisha Government to adopt such methods, so that there will be curb on road accidents in the State, which is one of the highest in the country.
Union Secretary Road Transport and Highways, Yudhvir Singh Malik has written to the Odisha Government in this regard as the Group of Transport Ministers (GoM) has recommended the same.
MoRTH is making suitable amendments in the existing Rules so that technology-based evaluation for issue of driving licenses will be carried out instead of the present manual system, which has lot of loopholes, pointed out an expert in the transport sector.
Transfer of driving license from one state to another should be made online, so that the people will not face any hassle.
Similarly, GoM has recommended a robust automated fitness certificate regime to objectively evaluate the fitness of transport vehicles.
MoRTH has expressed concern over difficulties faced by public in transfer of vehicles from one state to another.
It has noted that the huge variation in tax structure for vehicles across the state induces the vehicle owners to register their vehicles in low tax jurisdictions.
GoM has recommended adoption of rates of Life Time Tax Regime (For 15 Years) on motor vehicles by all States, which includes that below Rs.10 Lakh Vehicle Invoice Price (VIP), rate of road tax will be 8 Percent, from Rs.10-20 Lakh VIP, rate of road tax will be 10 Percent and above Rs.20 Lakh VIP rate of road tax will be 12 Percent.
While there will be 2 Percent extra levied for diesel vehicles, electric vehicles will be charged 2 Percent less.
The State Government will have to notify the above rates immediately.
States which do not notify the above rates must provide for yearly payment of taxes, so that a person likely to shift to other state may opt for annual tax payment and do not suffer harassment on transfer, said MoRTH.
GoM has recommended that there should be no bar on transfer of vehicles from one state to another and entire process should be system driven, pointed out MoRTH.
MoRTH has also suggested introduction of a system of National Permit for Passenger Vehicles based on the Policy of National Permit of Goods Vehicles.
While rates for luxury busses will be Rs.3Lakh per year, it will be Rs.2 Lakh per year for deluxe busses and Rs.25,000 Per annum for taxis.
Public transport in the country is growing annually at a rate of just about 2 percent, as against a 20 percent annual growth in private transport. 
A National Permit for passenger bus and taxi will give the much needed fillip to public transport and help reduce road congestion and its attendant problems.

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