Urge For Fast Track NHP

Confirming allocation of Rs.115 Crore for the National Hydrology Project (NHP) being implemented in Odisha, the Union Government has urged the

State Government to put this flagship program on fast track. 

This National Project is implemented by the Department of Water Resources (DoWR)  and Directorate of Ground Water Development(DGWD)  for implementing related activities under NHP.NHP will provide real-time flood forecasts as well as data to help farmers plan their cropping pattern, and accordingly, the Union Government gave its nod to this multi purpose project. 

Union Secretary Water Resources, Upendra Prasad Singh pointed out that NHP is implemented with the support of World Bank in Odisha. And accordingly, World Bank and MoWR is continuously reviewing the progress of the project and review reports are analyzed at regular interval.

The detailed action plan for NHP implementation, which was sent by DoWR, Odisha and DGWD was approved by MoWR and accordingly implementation of the project is going on.

However, MoWR feels that this project is needed to be set under priority zone, so that it gets expeditious implementation.
Singh, accordingly, has identified and suggested various activities for speedy implementation, said sources.

In order to fast track implementation of NHP, National Project Management Unit (NPMU) team, MoWR and NHP team are in readiness to support the State Government.

It has been suggested that procurement of Real Time Data Acquisition System (RTDAS) for different River Basins is required.

Procurement of Discharge Management Equipment and Telemetry is required for speedy implementation of NHP.

Digitization and Centralization of historical data is required to be carried out for hydrological and ground water modeling, pointed out Singh. 
Guiding the State Administration in this regard, Singh pointed out that as NHP is implemented in a limited duration period, the State government will have to delegate administrative and financial powers to the nodal officer of State Project Monitoring Unit (SPMU).

For project implementation to be smoother, SPMU is required to be strengthened adequately with infrastructure and man power.
Mr.Singh has urged to use Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal for procurement of goods up to Rs.65 lakh.

GeM is a Government of India portal, which has been envisaged as the national procurement portal of India. 

GeM strives to keep pace with ever-evolving technological challenges and stake holder aspirations and in line with this endeavor.

State Administration is needed to look into the issues and constraints putting spanner on the Project.

World Bank and MoWR while monitoring the Project carry out ranking of the States, which has turned out to be booster for performing states.
Considering the benefits of implementing NHP in Odisha, the State will optimally benefitted, said Union Secretary Mr.Singh.

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