Scaner On Fake News

Odisha Government is making arrangements to monitor Cyber Crimes on a priority basis as fake news circulation in Social Media has turned out to be a major menace in various parts of the country, officials say.

With explosive rumors circulated through Social Media leading to lynching of several innocent persons in the country, State Government will be taking steps to curb spread of offensive content that could precipitate law and order issues.

This initiative comes at a time when volatile messages are circulated through Social Media resulted in five people in Maharashtra and two others in Tripura so also similar incidents occurred in Karnataka.

Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi has asked ACS Home Asit Tripathy and DGP Rajendra Prasad Sharma to look into the matter seriously, said official sources.

In the meantime Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has constituted a Committee headed by a senior Joint Secretary to monitor cyber crimes and ensure compliance of complaints by Social Media that spread offensive contents that could precipitate violence.

Similar steps will be taken by the State Government as a suitable measure to filter malicious contents. 
State Government will keep a watch on the Social Media for early detection of such trends of circulation of rumors and fake news, having potential for violence and will take all required measures to counter them effectively.

District Collectors will be advised to maintain regular interface with the local communities in this regard so as to be able to dispel such rumors and fake news.

Identification of vulnerable areas and localities, if any will be there will be done by the District Administration and outreach programs will be conducted involving local functionaries, for creating awareness and building confidence.

Local Administration will also establish suitable contact points in villages and towns for keeping abreast with the trends in Social Media.

It is equally important that complaints of kidnapping or abduction of children are promptly acted upon and in a manner that instills a sense of confidence in the affected family and locality that action as per law would be taken and the culprit is taken to task.

With number of cases registered against kidnapping and abduction of children on rise, which has become a concern for the State Police.

Statistics of 2014, 2015 and 2016 reveals that in Odisha Crime against children are on rise.

And more and more number of cases is registered under POCSO, Rape, Kidnapping and Abduction.

While total number of crimes against children was 89,423 in 2014, it went up to 94, 172 in 2015 and hiked to 1,05, 958 in 2016.

So appropriate measures are needed to be taken to curb such violence against children, officials say.

In the meantime Union Government has advised the State Administration to adopt measures not to allow such unwarranted violence leading to loss of valuable lives.

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