Global Summit On Mobility

The National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) has decided to convene Global Mobility Summit (GMS) and has invited the Odisha Government to be a major player in the Summit.

GMS has been conceived as an opportunity to develop a holistic strategy for India’s aspirations in mobility encompassing the interests of all stakeholders and tapping into global expertise along with the wisdom of hinterland.
NITI Aayog,  the Government of India’s think tank is organizing the SummitIndia, with its strong economic growth, is on the cusp of mobility revolution where mobility is becoming a prime driver of growth and a pivot for massive generator of quality jobs.
It has acquired the centre stage on the global innovation agenda, with digitization of mobility creating unprecedented opportunity to rethink how people and goods move.
In Indian context, the disruptive potential of shared, connected, and zero emission mobility will emerge as major engine of economic growth and employment opportunities.  

India has a unique position in the world with low vehicle density of 18 per 1000 population v/s 800 per 1000 population in the US, coupled with India’s inherent strengths in digital economy and diversified mobility solutions, have the potential to make it a leading source of innovation for developed and developing economies all across the globe.
However it requires significantly new ways of thinking, planning, financing, regulating, implementing and managing mobility systems.

In the run up to GMS, it is proposed to organize a series of webinars to learn from the global experts, think tanks, academia and other stakeholders in the area of mobility. The webinars would act as a platform to share global best practices and have enriching discussions on different areas of mobility.

The webinar design includes a presentation on mobility to set up context and define a holistic framework to approach different areas of mobility.
This will be followed by discussions with the participants. The webinar is intended to kick-start the discussions around mobility and the engagements would continue in the future.

Under this backdrop, NITI Aayog has urged the State Government to join at this webinar. Senior Officials including Chief Secretary, Development Commissioner and other senior ACS, Principal Secretaries and Secretaries have been invbited for the Summit.

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