112 Needs More Funds

While Odisha agrees for setting up of Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) in the State, it has urged the Union Government to make in-depth study over implementation of the program and allocate more resources for it.

112 will be a Pan India single emergency response number for Police, Fire and Ambulance.

State Government will set up State Emergency Response Centre  and CDAC will develop a SOS App.

All mobile phones sold in India provide Panic Button mapped to 112 and all existing emergency numbers are to be connected to 112 through State Emergency Response Centre.

On pressing panic button, a system generated location message will go to SERC .

ACS Home Asit Tripathy, while presenting the Progress Card on ERSS implementation of the State has pointed out that the program needs more allocation of resources as manpower and logistic requirement will be much more than estimated presently.

Union Secretary Home Affairs Rajiv Gauba was taking a Video Conference over implementation of ERSS and speaking to him Mr.Tripathy said the State Government will soon enter into MoU with CDAC, which has been designated as the Technical Agency for implementation of the program.

Mr.Tripathy said Odisha has issued work order to CDAC and MoU will be signed for ERSS.

However as MHA has released only Rs.8.5 Crore for ERSS, it will not be sufficient for the program, pointed out he, said sources.

Odisha has 635 Territorial Police Stations and for each Police Stations at least two vehicles will be needed.

So 1270 Response Vvehicles are needed to be manned by over 7000 Police Personnel, pointed out a senior official connected with implementation of the program.

This will cost at least more than Rs.600 Crores and accordingly the resources allocation is needed to scale up the program, said an official.

As the State Government will be implementing the program and resources are to be made available by the State Administration, it will be a difficult proposition as of now as the State is facing tough time due to availability of resources, pointed out a senior official.

While 108 is being utilized for ambulance and it is running successfully, similar system is needed for utmost satisfaction.

According to sources, 12 State Governments have issued work order and 15 States are on pipeline to implement the project.

Six State Governments have identified SERC sites and three states have identified Emergency Response Vehicles.

While West Bengal has not agreed to participate in the program,  some of the States also feel that more study over implementation of ERSS is needed.

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