CBI Probe On Black Rose

Union Government in Ministry of Shipping today asked the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate into the causes of capsize of MV Black Rose in Paradip nearly nine years ago.

Two Trustees of Paradip Port Trust – Pratap Mishra and Bhuban Jena have demanded CBI Probe as according to them the incident has brewed a lot of suspicion in the minds of the people.
They had also urged Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to go for probe of  the sunken ship of Mongolia was laden with iron ore off Paradip coast continues to cause concern for sailors and Paradip Port Trust authorities.
While the Singapore-based owner of 'Black Rose' has gone underground after the incident, the local Shipping Agent operates its business under a different name.
The ship had sunk on 9 September, 2009, killing it's Ukrainian Chief Engineer and injuring some other Crew Members.
According to sources, the estimated cost to salvage the sunken ship was about Rs100-110 crore. However, the scrap value of the metal will be around Rs3-4 crore.
Notably, even though various Government agencies such as Mercantile Marine Department of the Union Government, the National Shipping Board, the Odisha Police Crime Branch and the Jagatsinghpur District Administration investigated the incident but no conclusive report ever came to the public domain.
Odisha Crime Branch is yet to finish its investigation and the matter continues to get delayed in the Calcutta High Court.
However none have been held accountable for the incident and subsequent damage to the navigational route and environment even though PPT had to cough up Rs.20 crore to remove the oil from the ship that had spilled into the sea water after the mishap to avoid an imminent environmental catastrophe.

The wet iron ore loaded during heavy rain, listing of the ship and bad weather had been attributed as the causes of the capsizing of the vessel.

The ship owners were reportedly operating the ship with forged certificates which escaped the eyes of the international and port community.

Allegations have also been made that underworld elements and mining mafia had a stake in running this vessel and exporting the ore.

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