Displaced Wait Profit Share

Legal and Bureaucratic Wrangle is coming as a major hurdle for the land losers to share profit of the companies for which their lands were acquired.

While the Governing Biju Janata Dal (BJD) had promised in its Election Manifesto in 2014 to provide shares to the people from whom land is acquired for the Companies, the commitment is yet to be kept after four years.

As the Minister Revenue & Disaster Management reeled out success stories on the achievements of the Department of Revenue & Disaster Management on 15 May, it came to fore that the State Government is yet to take steps to make it mandatory for the Industries to provide shares to the people.

Similarly the Governing BJD in its Election Manifesto promised to make it mandatory for the Industries to provide shares to the Gram Panchayats also.

The idea was to make both GPs and Displaced People (DP)s to share profit of the companies and get a regular and continuous income.

This was appreciated by Human Rights Groups and Social Activists as Odisha would have been the first state to come up with such a noble step.
However, after four long years, the promise made in 2014 is yet to be fulfilled.

In fact Corporate Sector are opposing to this idea and were actively busy in sabotaging such a benevolent move by the State Government and have been successful in blocking the move, admit Social Activists.
After getting elected for the fourth time in 2014, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced in his first Council of Ministers meeting that immediate steps are to be taken by the Department of Revenue & Disaster Management (DoRM)  to bring out guidelines on profit sharing for the land losers and Gram Panchayats in the Companies.

While DoRM circulated a Concept Note on the issue, Department Concerned on the issue are supposed to provide their feedback and facilitate the authorities to bring out changes in the existing Law.

However Departments are silent over the matter, admit senior officials, for which changes in Law is yet to be taken up.
As amendments in the The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (RFCTLAR&R) Act, 2013 is required for making profit sharing provision, legal officials are reluctant to approve such a noble idea.

The RFCTLAR&R, 2013 is an Act of Indian Parliament that regulates land acquisition and lays down the procedure and rules for granting compensation, rehabilitation and resettlement to the affected persons in India.
Sources said that Legal Experts feel that State Legislature cannot amend a Central Act and they are rejecting such a move.

Similarly, Departments, which are engaged in acquiring land for the Industries are sitting pretty over the matter, resulting the huge promise made by the Governing BJD is yet to be fulfilled.

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