Police Shy For CMS

While Odisha Police is dragging its feet to implement State Government’s decision to put into practice Viajayawada Model of Court Monitoring System (CMS) of cases taking alibi of shortage of adequate personnel, experts say that once this model is implemented it will minimize the burden of man power on police system.

Way back in 2016, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced in the floor of the Assembly that State Government would implement Vijayawada Model of Court Monitoring System to increase conviction rate, which is abysmally low in the country.
While Conviction Rate in Vijayawada City Police is 65 Percent, it is as low as 16 percent in Odisha and lowest in the country.
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi and ACS Home are of one opinion that Vijayawada Model is eminently suitable for raising Conviction Rate, but State Police is delaying implementation on the plea that it has less man power..
However, a detailed study of the Vijayawada Model reveals that, as a matter of fact, there will be much less burden on State Police, reveals a senior top cop in charge of Vijayawada city police.
City Police Commissioner Damodar Gautam Sawang has assigned the CMS to a dedicated team led by Senior Police Inspector G Srinivas Rao.
Rao is handling CMS for last two years with a team of 56 officers for 20 Police Stations in Vijayawada city concerned with 24 courts.
Earlier, while each Police Station was sending at least 8 police personnel to 22 courts, presently each Police Station is deputing only two personnel to CMS for case monitoring.
Handled by only 56 personnel CMS helps saving large man power to be deployed for law and order.
On an average, team CMS is handling 7800 cases in a year and conviction rate is 65 Percent, said Rao.
This proves that CMS is a very good system to save manpower and now conviction rate is 65 percent, which was hardly 39 Percent in 2004.
After 14 years of successful implementation of CMS, conviction rate is on raise and Team CMS is making dogged pursuit and tracking each and every case filed in the courts.
Once a case is filed in any of the 24 courts and the court assigns a case number, then it is transferred to CMS for monitoring.
In Viajayawada CMS, intensive exercise is being carried out to monitor pending cases in Courts on day to day basis and strategies are worked out to ensure how effectively these are to be handled.
Open discussions, correlating documents, connecting to the witnesses and chalking out road map for handling the case yielding results with better Conviction Rates, said Rao.
“With less manpower, we are able to handle these cases and result is obvious”, said he.
And with practical experience of handling cases with much less man power by the City Police, Government of Andhra Pradesh has replicated the CMS throughout the State.

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