Whistle For Disasters

Disaster Management Experts of National Disaster Management authority (NDMA) have advised the State Officials to include ‘emergency whistle’ as a life saving kit for any disaster.

In fact in an emergency situation an emergency whistle proves very useful in general and in case of natural disaster, it is more helpful.
National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has advised the Odisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA) to include ‘emergency whistle’ as a life saving kit.
Bishnupada Sethi, Managing Director OSDMA has asked the officials to include ‘emergency whistle’ in the kit given to participants in the awareness camps, consultation workshops and training conferences.
Mr.Sethi pointed out that floods, earthquakes and tornadoes come fast and they wipe everything in their way.
If one is caught in a natural disaster and end up trapped under a fallen building or caught inside the house without any hope of getting out, an emergency whistle can be the last chance, pointed out he.
Rescue teams can’t hear victim’s voice over all the noise made by rescue machines and general chaos but the sharp sound of a whistle is easier to perceive.
In fact ‘emergency whistle’ is a piece of equipment that could save the life of any victim.
Beneath the rubble, post disaster, victims’ voice may not be strong enough to reach out the rescuers.
Emergency whistle can let rescuers know that somebody is beneath the rubble. This equipment work as a two way communication system; rescuers can blow whistle to inform their presence near the debris or the victims can inform the rescuers about his/her plight under debris.
Regardless of the place or situation, NDMA has advised the people to carry an emergency whistle always, which will be very helpful in any disaster.
Several countries have adopted such method and included emergency whistle in the kit for keeping people in an emergency, said sources.

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