CESU Raises Awareness

Sadique Alam, CEO CESU strongly feels that creating awareness for curbing the electrical accidents will go a long way in helping the people at Grass Root.

So the Major Power Distribution Utility, CESU has been educating its employees working in the field to bring down accidents. 
Every year more than 4 lakh human lives are lost due to various accidents at national level.
Among them more than 10,000 lives lost only due to electrical accidents, which shows daily loss of 25 to 30 human lives by coming in contact with the electric lines and installations.
The accident analysis shows that  21 Percent of accidents are due to unauthorized interference with  network by public , 21 Percent due to non adherence to SOP.
At least  24 Percent  due to violation of safety provisions by public, 15 Percent as a result of  inside consumer premises , 11 Percent due to lack of maintenance, 6 pc for snapping  of conductor and only 2 Percent  due to accidental direct contact. 
CESU’s Manager (PR) Golak Bihari Sahu said the figure of non-fatal accident has shown a decline in the year 2017 as compared to previous year. CESU is involving  its employees in different in-house essay and slogan competitions on electrical safety. Safety matters are being discussed during different C&D training programs, he said.  
Mr.Sahu said three Electrical Engineers from  NED, Nimapara and  NED, Nayagarh  have involved and created safety awareness widely and followed the best  safety  practices in their areas.
The field employees realized the importance of use of  Personal  Protective Equipments, safety tools as well as adherence to SOP  during   execution  of different works, availing and returning of shut down, etc. One line staff of KED, Khurda followed the SOP and saved the lives of three co-workers. 
The safety practice and efforts of the employees of  CDD-2, Cuttack   made  the division “ Zero  Electrical Accident reported Division” for  the year 2016 .  
In the year 2017, no employee fatality was recorded due to electrocution in all the divisions.
 “CESU is proud of the Employees of CDD-I , Cuttack and AED, Athagarh  for their 100 pc  avoidance to electrical accidents, which  made those two divisions  “Zero Electrical Accident reported Division” in CESU for the year 2017.

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