Plastic Free Kalijai Island

Remembering Legandary Leader Biju Patnaik on his birthday, Chilika Development Authority (CDA)
 embarked upon an innovative initiaitve to make Kalijai Island 'Plastic and Garbage Free'.

Biju Babu, who was the founder and First Chairman of the Governing Body of CDA was given a befitting tribute by CDA, which embarked upon this divine journey to create a trash free experience for the visitors and reducing the plastic waste flow to the lake ecosystem.
Spread over an area of 45 acres, the Divine Island houses Goddess Kalijai, immortalized by Poet Godavarisha Mishra.

The Shrine was built in 1717, by Jagannath Mansingh, King of Banpur, which is visited by thousands of tourists every month and during winter months it goes past lakhs in number.
Largest gathering was on Makara Sankranti day, with few lakhs having Darshan of the Deity on that day. This pilgrimage tourism brings in its destructive consequences in form of huge plastics and non-degradable solid waste strewn all over the island and polluting the waters of Chilika lagoon.

Micro plastic is already a cause of concern world over due to such indiscriminate dumping in marine ecosystem.
Thus to keep the lagoon safe from further degradation and to enhance the visitors experience in the place of reigning Deity of the lagoon, campaign to clean the island and change the behavior of the boatman and tourist was initiated.
Susanta Nanda, Chief Executive CDA chalked out the innovative idea and taking help of NSS volunteers of Balugaon College, Members of three Boat Owners Association, Priests of the Kalijai Sharina and other stake holders
Tons of garbage was collected and safely disposed off today. There was huge interest among the participants and the tourist alike in this divine journey.
The campaign will continue till significant improvement is made and the system is able to tackle solid waste management on a sustainable basis.
The NSS unit of adjoining colleges and the Boat Owners Association has been requested to adopt the island and take up the cleanliness every month.
All the tourists will be prohibited from carrying plastic to this sacred place. The innovative journey will be monitored at regular interval by CDA to make the island a plastic free zone.
It is also proposed by CDA to shift all the shops adjoining to the temple to a safer distance and create other public amenities for the visitors in near future.
Mr.Nanda CE, CDA expresses its deep sense of gratitude to the Members of Media present today on the spot to encourage the participants.
He was also highly thankful to all others who could not make it, but for their continuous support to keep our great heritage Chilika in its proper shape.
All the tourists and boat owners have been advised those who are visiting Kalijai Island, that it is now a 'Plastic Free Zone' and they should not carry non degradable plastic materials henceforth in their interest, as it is likely to invite penalty, warned a senior Officer of CDA.

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