Doubt On MV Power

With rising road mishaps claiming more and more lives, the doubts are being raised over the results of the decision to give compounding powers to police officials  for motor vehicle (MV) offences in the State.

In fact there is a move to bestow MV power on the ASIs in the rural areas as there is a marked rise in accidents in the rural zones also.
According to a proposal now being processed in the government, the Police officials will be delegated MV Power across the State.
Presently such authority is vested in policemen above ASI level serving in urban police districts of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack apart from Rourkela, Sambalpur, Berhampur, and Balasore.
While in the Urban Zones Police Officials have been given MV Power, officials admit 43 Percent of accidents occur in the Urban Zones.
Out of these accidents in 44 Percent cases, two wheelers were found responsible for causing the accidents followed by 20 per cent caused by small passenger carrying vehicles, 23 per cent by trucks and 5 per cent by buses. In 96 per cent cases, drivers were found at fault for the road mishaps.
And there is hardly any improvement in the situation as accidents are on rise above 5 Percent per annum.
Transport authorities have not done any detailed analysis on the benefit of the empowering Police Personnel with MV Power in Urban zones.
Peoples’ Representatives feel without any analysis give powers to Police for the entire state not not be beneficial.
According to officials, 57 Percent of accidents are occurring in rural areas and in these areas Police has no MV power.
And there is a move for compounding the MV offenses powers will be given to Police Stations which have jurisdiction over National and State Highways,
Official figures show that around 57 per cent accidents occurred in rural areas while 43 per cent took place in urban areas.
Peoples’ Representatives are worried over such a decision as it may lead to more harassment of general public by the police personnel.
Officials say that State Governments like West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and few others have delegated powers Under Section 177, 179 and 183 of Motor Vehicle Act to the Police Officers across the State.
Similar powers are needed to be handed over to Police Personnel urged the officials of the Department of Transport.
Before taking any decisions in this regard, a detailed survey is needed, said a senior Lawmaker and urged the Minister Commerce & Transport to take a review on the funds spent on Road Safety in the State.
While huge funds are provided to various authorities, there is hardly any detailed review on utilization of funds and accidents continuing unabated, pointed out Peoples’ Representatives.
These issues and concerns were raised in a recently held meeting with the Minister Commerce & Transport and Peoples’ Representatives of Northern Odisha, said sources.

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