Odisha Gets Logistic Park

Union Government has proposed for the development of a Multimodal Logistic Park(MMLP) in Odisha.

While Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) has identified Jagatsinghpur as the Key Economic Node, MoRTH has given its choice for  Chaudwar, Kandarpur and Khurda as prefered locations in order of priority, for Multimodal Logistics Park.

While the most preferred place is Choudwar near National Highway (NH) 16 towards Raipur on North West side, second most preferred is Kandarpur, near State Highway towards Paradip on South East.
Khurda has been the last choice near National Highway 16 towards Chennai on South West front.

MoRTH has requested the State Government to identify suitable land measuring 80 Acres from amongst the options provided in prefence.

Several MMLPs are being set up at key economic nodes under Bharatmala Program in the country.

The Union Government is planning to develop MMLPs at 15 locations all over India at an estimated cost of Rs 33,000 crore, however survey is conducted for six MMLPs.

Accordingly MoRTH has developed a Policy Framework, which has been in place for development of Logistic parks.

MMLPs will enable frieght aggregation and idsaggregation shift to higher size trucks and rail, resulting Hub-and-Sopke Model of frieght movement, compared to the existing Point-to-Point Model.

Present model is not only time consuming but also expansive. So inroder to curtail expenses and lessen time period such a facility will be developed, said sources.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has informed the State Government in this regards , while asking for support in providing land for these new economic development points.

The Park is expected to help the industry transition from point-to-point freight movement to the hub-and-spoke model followed in developed economies.

This program implementation is an integrated policy that improves efficiency in freight movement, said the official.

While MoRTH has identified Jagatsinghpur as the key node for economic development, the MMLP shall be developed as part of the National Corridor Efficiency Enhancement Program.

The proposed Park will have mechanized warehouses, specialized storage solutions such as cold storage, facilities for mechanized material handling  and several other facilities.

In order to develop the Park, MoRTH and State Government will join hands to float a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) .

State Government will be lead partner of the SPV and will provide land for the Park.

Now Department of Commerce & Transport, Urban Development and Works will jointly work out for a MMLP in the State and IDCO will be the implementing agency as infrastructure development is the mandate of the State PSU, said sources.

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