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The 12th Annual international conference of Knowledge Forum on “Changing Paradigms in Technology, Trade and Development” is hosted by Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies (NCDS), Bhubaneswar from 10-12 November, 2017. 

This conference is organized in partnership with the Tata Trusts and supported by the ICSSR.

The conference gathered several eminent academicians and researchers across India and abroad from various institutions including, NCDS; IIT Bombay;  IIT Madras; IIT Indore; TISS Mumbai; Delhi School of Economics; Madras School of Economics; ISRO; NIT Surathkal and Goa; CUNY Brooklyn College and Graduate Center; Georgetown University; Washington DC; Graduate institute of Geneva; and KU Leuven University, Belgium.    

Prof. Srijit Mishra, Director, NCDS gave the welcome address to the conference. The conference started with the release of the book titled “Globalisation of Technology” edited by Prof. N.S. Siddharthan & Prof. K. Narayanan, and published by Springer Publication.

The tour to the sessions of the conference was presented by Prof. N.S. Siddharthan, Hon. Director of Knowledge Forum.

This session was chaired by Prof. S.R. Hasim, President of Knowledge Forum and former Chairman of UPSC.

The conference is divided in various sub-themes including FDI, Environment and Resources, Innovation, R&D and Intellectual Property Rights, Interplay of Knowledge Sources, Trade and global production process and Changing Paradigm.

Around 30 papers were selected through open call for papers for the presentation and discussions in the conference.

Participants of the conference include eminent academicians as; Prof. K.L. Krishna, Prof. B. Goldar, Prof. B.L. Pandit, Prof. Stanley Nollen, Prof. Y.S. Rajan, Prof. Ashok Jain; Dr. Subas S., Dr. Unmesh Patnaik, Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahu, Prof. Filip Beule; Prof. Bino Paul, Prof. K. Lal, Dr. S. Paul, Prof. S. Bhat, Dr. R. Shrama, Amarendra Pratap Singh, Giulia Valacchi, Nadia Doytch, Francoise Pardos .

Other than the invited participants faculties and research scholars of NCDC Bhubaneswar actively participated during the conference. 

Dr. C.R. Dash, Senior Research Officer, NCDS coordinate this conference, said Sumati Jani, Secretary NCDS.

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