Kavach For Coast Security

ACS Home Asit Tripathy said that a realistic exercise is in offing in Bay of Bengal to review the capability of the Marine Security System.

While the Government of India is serious to tighten the Coastal Security Mechanism, this Joint Exercise will go a long way  along the 630-odd Kilometer long coastline of Odisha and neighbouring West Bengal, said Mr.Tripathy.
So the Joint Exercise ‘Sagar Kavach’ will be executed very soon, said he.
Mr.Tripathy,said that this security exercise is a realistic drill to check the efficacy of the security parameters and preparedness of various security forces like the Indian Navy, Marine Police Force, Indian Coast Guard (ICG).
In this exercise officials of the Department of Forest, Fisheries and District Administration of the Coastal Districts will take part..
This is the first time that Odisha and West Bengal is having a Joint effort in ensuring security in the Maritime Zones, which is shared with Bangaldesh.
“During the two-days long security exercise , we are going to organise a simulated terror attack named ‘Red Force’ at a random place along Odisha or West Bengal coast and check how effective our Marine Policing is?” said Mr.Tripathy.
For the Security Exercise personnel from the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard based at Paradip and Haldia, 18 Marine Police Station(MPS)s in Odisha and 12 MPSs of West Bengal will be drawn in.
West Bengal Coast Guard Commander M A Warsi, the security exercise is to revaluate the existing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) mechanisms.
The Coast Guard and all the Security Forces, even the officials of the District Administrations have been very helpful and proactive towards Marine Protection, said Mr.Warsi.
He said that after the security drill it will be reviewed that if there are any loopholes,” Coast Guard Commander pointed out.
Since Mumbai Attack from the Sea Front, coastal security is being tightened and every year, each of the coastal states are having two such security exercises.
One exercise involves the personal coastal security assessment while the other is a joint drill with any other participant, necessarily another state during which the government takes stock of preparedness of Maritime Policing.
The drill aims at strengthening the stakeholders to coordinate well in time of emergency especially during terror attacks through sea routes, said the officer.
In order to strengthen coastal security, both National and State level Security Committee is meeting on regular interval.
While National Committee on Coastal Security is chaired by Cabinet Secretary at State Level, Chief Secretary is chairing the meeting and reviewing the situation.
Recently held State Level Coastal Security meet chaired by Chief Secretary A P Padhi urged the Union Government to extend more funding for Coastal Security System as present leverl funding is not sufficient to manage the Centrally Sponosored Program.

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