Art In Smart City

Keeping in mind the evolution of the traditional art elements with the convergence of contemporariness of the various evolving art forms of the post-modern era in the State Capital, the Temple City today organized its first holistic consultation on a need for a forum on art and the art scenario through a workshop titled ``Art in the Smart City’’ under its popular Urban Lecture Series.

BDA Vice Chairman, Krishan Kumar has been taking such initiatives .This is the fifth Urban Lecture Series under the Smart City initiative, in association with Bhubaneswar Development Authority, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited.
The two-day visioning workshop on November 3 and 4 is likely to develop a directional path on the role of art and culture in the Bhubaneswar Smart City.
Known for its beautiful monuments dating back to 2nd Century BC and temples of Kalingan era with breathtaking carvings compared to poetry on stones from 6th Century AD to 15th Century AD, along with many heritage structures displaying our excellence in public art, the heritage city needs a serious thinking on the art front and how to go about it when the city has already topped in the Smart City Challenge from among 100 best cities in the country. 
In this interesting back drop, the workshop ``Art in the Smart City’’ will try to understand leading practices and programs undertaken by other cities in India and abroad to achieve a significant difference in their identity and development.
The art initiative is going to be a collaborative effort of the Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Centre, Ila Panda Centre for Art, Utsha Foundation and Jatin Das Centre of Art. 
It would also try to create a defined policy and organizational framework for achieving this vision and direction that builds on existing organizations and programs in the city, including the Smart City Program and facilitate the incubation of an Art Advisory Body led by the Bhubaneswar Art Collective, in partnership with BDA and BMC.
The two-day event would also outline preliminary requirements, timeline and critical success factors for implementing the vision and direction and also discuss and create pilot projects that can be implemented to demonstrate the ``art of possible’’ on the vision and direction identified and planned during the workshop.

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