More Funds For Police

The State Government is preparing a Road Map to tap more funds from the new Umbrella Scheme floated by the Union Government for  "Modernization of Police Forces (MPF)".

Earlier scheme of Modernization of Police Forces has been renamed as Assistance to States for Modernization of Police.
Earlier the State Government used to get paltry sum, however now with the new program there will be more money flow to the State under Police Modernization, admit officials.
While the total financial outlay for the scheme over the three year’s period is Rs.25,060 crore, it is expected that the State will receive more than Rs.2000 Crore under MPF.
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is supporting Police Modernization Program and State Government is also bearing its share.
According to earlier program for Modernization of Police Forces, Rs.31 Crore was allocated for Odisha during 2017-18, out of which Centre was to bear Rs.18 Crore and State Share was Rs.13 Crore.
While the State Government was receiving allocation of Rs.60 Crore on this front earlier, State was to receive half of the allocation in 2017-18, for which State Police is facing funds crunch.
But looking at the constraints Union Government has floated the new Umbrella Scheme with more funding, so the officials are expecting a big jump in allocation itself during 2017-18.
Special provision has been made under the Scheme for internal security, law and order, women security, availability of modern weapons, mobility of police forces, logistics support, hiring of helicopters, up-gradation of police wireless, National Satellite Network, CCTNS project, E-prison project etc.
Construction of Police Infrastructure including Housing has been included in the new Umbrella program, which will be beneficial for the State, admit officials.
State Government has started identifying the projects under this component as Police Infrastructure is lacking in the Left Wing Extremist  (LWE) Zones.
Under the umbrella scheme,  special funds have been earmarked for internal security related expenditure in the left wing extremism affected areas.
Scheme of Special Central Assistance (SCA) for 35 worst LWE affected districts has been introduced with an outlay of Rs.3,000 crore to tackle the issue of underdevelopment in these district. Odisha is having at least two worst LWE districts and in the meantime the State Government has urged the Centre to add Kalahandi in this list.

Implementation of this scheme would bolster the Government's ability to address challenges faced in the districts  such as areas affected by LWE and undertake development interventions which will catalyze in improving the quality of life in these areas and help combat these challenges effectively at the same time.

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