20K Penalty On MCL

The State Government has slapped penalty of Rs 20,169 crore on Coal Major, Mahanadi Coalfields (MCL), said sources.  

The penalty has been levied for flouting environment and mining plant norms, said sources.
The Government is also assessing level of violation of forest norms in the State and the amount of penalty for it.
“We have sent the show-cause notice to MCL for flauting environmental norms, mining plan and consent to operate, including permission granted under the air and water Acts. It has been given 30 days to respond before the final notice is issued,” Steel and Mines Minister Prafulla Mallick said. 
The notice is in compliance with the Supreme Court order of 2 August to levy 100 per cent penalty on lessees for violating environment norms and others, he said.
Director of Mines said that the notices were issued as per the judgment of the Supreme Court and violation of norms by MCL’s mines in Odisha from  2002 to 2010.
Sources said the penalty on MCL will rise further as the show-cause notice does not include claims against the company allegedly carrying out mining in forest areas without permission.
Once a detailed report sought from the Forest Department is received, another notice will be sent to the company, said the official.
The State Government has already sent notices amounting to Rs 17,576 crore to as many as 152 iron ore and manganese mines for violation of the Environment Protection Act of 1986. Besides, notices have been issued to lessees to recover about Rs 2,000 core for alleged violations of air and water pollution laws, the Forest Act, and for exceeding mining plans.
They have been told to pay up on or before December 31. And all of them have went to Supreme Court for more time and the payment to be done in phased manner.

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