BJP Blames Edu Mess

 BJP today blamed the BJD Government for messing up School and Mass Education System and neglecting the Education Sector as a whole.

Saffron Brigade sought a reply from the Governing BJD as to why 11,341 vacant teacher posts have not been filled since the past few years.
BJP Veteran Pratap Sarangi blamed the State Government for deterioration  of the quality of education in State.
“Quality of education in the State in both Primary and Higher Education sector has deteriorated. Will the Naveen Government tell why the State’s education policy has gone for a toss,” he alleged.
Mr.Sarangi said every six months; teachers launch agitation s or stage demonstrations.
“Many schools in the State do not have their own building,” he asserted and demanded that the Chief Minister should announce the steps the Government has taken to address the issue.”
Saffron Veteran alleged that  even after 17 years in power, the BJD has not been able to provide enough teachers in all Government schools.
“Nearly 7 per cent Government schools run with only one teacher, as many as 11,341 teachers posts vacant in Government High Schools, Teacher Selection Board is yet to constituted,” he added.
He said the State Government has been attempting to hijack the Model School concept of the Centre adding that as many as eight districts are yet to get Government Colleges in State.
However, BJD Spokesperson Prasanna Acharya  refuted BJP allegations and said, “If we start counting flaws in policies of BJP-ruled States, the list will be endless. Firstly, BJP should review its policies in States where it is in power.”
BJD MP, Mr.Acharya asserted that infant mortality and maternal mortality rates in Odisha are comparatively lower as compared to some of the BJP-ruled states.”

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