Tug Of War

The tug of war between the BJD and BJP today further intensified with Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan calling the ruling party a “liar”.

Mr.Pradhan said this a day after the BJP National President Amit Shah concluded his three-day visit to the state with a hot node.
The Union Oil Minister reacted in response to the BJD leaders calling Mr.Shah a “demon,” Blue Whale” and “stock exchange agent.”
The tug of war even continued a day after Mr.Shah left the state.
Mr.Shah, though heading the world’s largest political party as he himself claimed at a press conference here, during his visit to Odisha used certain words not expected from him.
The BJP President dubbed Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik as a “burnt down transformer” and called the state government as an inefficient and corrupt government even as some central ministries awarded prizes to Odisha government for good performances.
Never before Mr.Shah used such lingo and his earlier visits were somewhat serene. Intended basically to energize the cadre and the leaders, the tour this time round has left a bad taste.
No doubt, the counter attacks by the BJD leaders were equally in bad taste. Forget about which party will win how many seats, the claims and counter-claims are wide off the mark.
This is something new in the Odisha Politics. The claims are generally made during electioneering. But, this time the seat claims are made much ahead of the general elections due in 2019.
First thing first. Mr.Shah believes age is catching up with Naveen. To be fair to the seasoned leader who is loved and commands a strong personality in the  pan-Indian set up,  most Chief Ministers are also  of  Naveen’s age.
Even at 71, the Odisha CM does his bit and is not loathe to attending to the day-to-day toil of the government and the party he heads. What seems to have irked the common man and the intelligentsia alike is Mr.Shah’s equating Mr.Patnaik with a "burnt transformer" and calling upon his party workers to "throw it into the sea”.
However, it remains to be seen as to whether such talking will be accepted by the public. Odia people are mostly peace-loving and such unpalatable remarks may prove counter-productive for the party that aspires to capture power.
 As for the issue of dynastical politics, it is no secret that Naveen was never groomed to succeed his father. Rather, the late Biju Patnaik was averse to bring in his children into politics. It was only after Biju’s death that the erstwhile Janata Dal leaders invited  Naveen to lead the party named after Biju. 

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