Rahul Makes Congress Happy

Indian National Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today made a majority of party leaders from Odisha happy by just giving a clear indication that change of guard in the OPCC leadership is a must.

Rahul Handhi today met about three-dozen of senior Congress leaders from Odisha in New Delhi and delivered a 20-minute speech asking all to work in tandem. He also made it clear that enough is enough and party would not tolerate any kind of dissidence activities.

The Congress Vice President also held one-to-one talk with senior leaders like Niranjan Patnaik, Bhakta Charan  Das. Pradip Majhi, Chiranjib Biswal and Nabakishore Das.

Rahul reportedly told them that Prasad Harichandan would be changed and the OPCC President may get a berth in the AICC.

Other veterans like Hemananda Biswal, Kanchucharan Lenka and Chandasekhar Sahu also attended the meeting.

The differennce this time was all, may be for the first time, came out of the meeting venue with smiling face as they realised that Rahul Gandhi has started giving importance to Odisha.

Earlier, there was an impression among the party leaders that Rahul had not been giving due attention towards Odisha which has led to growth of BJP in the state.

The senior leaders, who were worried over the growth of BJP and downfall of Congress, for the first time felt that they may now be able to stand to fight against the BJP and at the same time against Naveen Patnaik’s BJD.

Today’s meeting has apparently energised the Congress leaders in the state who have assured Rahul Gandhi that they would work in tandem. The party leaders also feel that this is the high time when the Congress should stand up and fight.

The oldest party in the country, has, however, a statewide network in Odisha and there should a leader of worth to energise the workers and boost their morale.

Sources said Niranjan Patnaik is likely to be the OPCC president and three others may take charge of working president in order to give a collectve leadership in Odisha.

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