Odisha Asks 500 Towers

Odisha Government has asked for 500 Mobile towers to be set up in Left Wing Extremists (LWE) affected zones.

Due to call congestion and failure of traffic both public and security personnel are facing difficulties to connect others through mobile phones in Maoist affected areas of Odisha.
In fact far flung Maoist infested areas of Malkangiri, Koraput, Rayagada, Kandhamal, Kalahandi and other zones, poor network of Mobile towers posing problem for general public and security forces to even talk over handsets.
ACS Home Asit Tripathy has said that the State Government under Left Wing Extremist (LWE) Scheme of the Department of Telecommunications, State has asked to set up 500 Mobile towers with upgraded capacity.
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is supporting the cause of the Maoist affected States including Odisha.
Earlier Centre had allotted 253 BSNL Mobile Towers for Odisha and out of sanctioned 253 mobile towers so far only 162 were commissioned through V-SAT Media with only 512 Kbps bandwidth and 91 through Mini-Link.
According to Security Forces only 10-15 mobile phones are able to operate at a time in such Tower areas.
Problems being encounters are inadequate signal strength and poor capacity of VSAT.
This is causing hardship to both public and security personnel to keep contact with others because of call congestion and failure of traffic in almost all the V-SAT sites.
It is further pointed out that because of low coverage, no data or Internet facilities is available in such V-SAT areas. As the bandwidth available in V-SAT sites is not sufficient to operationalize online services it is also difficult to carry out digital transactions.
In this backdrop the State Government has urged MHA to rake up the matter with Department of Telecommunication for enhancement of the bandwidth from 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps.
Time and again Odisha is drawing the attention of Union Government for setting up of all the allotted BSNL Mobile Towers and to ensure that all the far flung and remote areas of the State, more particularly the Maoist prone zone, are connected with mobile phones and uninterrupted internet facilities.
Apart from Odisha, a number of State Governments have also brought to the notice of MHA.
While 2187 Mobile Towers have started radiating in 35 Most LWE Affected districts including in Malkangiri and Koraput in Odisha.
156 Additional Towers are in the process of installation in these districts of seven states.
These states have urged for another 2726 Mobile towers including 500 of Odisha to be set up in the Red Corridors.

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