Hybrid Treat For Planetarium

All the new Planetariums coming up in Odisha will have latest Hybrid Technology, which will showcase images of stars and little shining objects of the Universe in a clear manner.

While Planetarium at Burla has already come up three more planetariums are being set up at Baripada, Gopalpur and Rayagada. Planetarium at Burla will be opened soon, said sources.
Three new Planetariums will come up with a cost of Rs.35 Crore and these facilities will present an entertaining educational show where students and children can learn about astronomy. And each Hybrid Projectors will be costing around Rs.6 Crores.
In India there are five Planetariums, which have upgraded to Hybrid Technology as this system is the latest one.
It will expose students to the concept of the solar system and space. It will be boon for students of these regions, said Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi.
Mr.Padhi, while reviewing the activities of the Department of Science & Technology here in the State Secretariat recently asked the authorities to go for latest technology- Hybrid One.
Digital Projectors are presently utilized, which is unable to showcase images of stars and other smaller objects of the solar system.
Digital Projector lacks clarity, particularly when showing star systems and other smaller objects of solar system like comets, asteroids and meteoroids.
The latest Hybrid System project will be a combination both opto-mechanical and digital system projectors.

The hybrid system, with synchronizing software, is computer compatible and uses long lasting LED bulbs. It creates a much brighter and more realistic star field due to the use of optical fiber technology. The software helps operate opto-mechanical and digital system work in tandem. 

"Once upgraded, visitors are treated to sharp, bright and a realistic star-field sky and digital immersive animations. The dome on to which images are projected will also be refurbished with clean painting and sound absorption material," said Vir Vikram Yadav, Secretary Science & Technology.
After taking over as Secretary of the Department of Science & Technology (DOST), Mr.Yadav is expediting construction of the Planetariums as these Centers will not only educate the students but also add charm to the place for tourists.
While four planetariums are coming up, DOST is also organizing Digital Mobile Planetariums at Rayagada, Jharsuguda and Malkangiri also.
Pathani Samanta Planetarium (PSP), Bhubaneswar is attracting more than 1,50,000 visitors and out of which 50 Percent are students and the PSP is having an annual income of Rs.30 Lakh.
So PSP authorities have decided to install a Nuclear Gallery here to add to the attraction of the Planetarium said Mr.Yadav.

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